Legend of Ming JianLegend of Ming JianLegend of Ming Jian

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Legend of Ming JianLegend of Ming JianLegend of Ming JianLegend of Ming Jian

After a while, the wooden door suddenly opened, and an old voice panicked: "Slowly, slowly!" " Biluo Suchen looked at the door together, white clothes in his eyes, only to see Ling Xiaoran holding an old man's vest clothes like a cat in his hand, and stepped in. When he got into the room, he turned his arm slightly and gently sent it forward. The old man turned half a circle and stepped back a few steps. He just fell down on a chair and said to himself, "Oh, slow down.." The old man was in his sixties and carried a medicine chest on his back. He was obviously a doctor. Biluo saw that he had no martial arts, as if frightened, I do not know why Ling Xiaoran was brought here. Unable to bear it, she quickly poured a glass of water and handed it to the old man. Listen to Su Chen to laugh at this moment: "How, young Lord, did this doctor that does not have a look provoke you?" Unable to hear his answer for a long time, Biluo turned around and saw Suchen shrugging his shoulders with a smile, knowing that he was afraid of being looked down upon by his master again, so he had to smile bitterly to show his sympathy. At this time, the doctor drank some water to suppress some panic. He trembled and pointed at Ling Xiaoran and said to Biluo, "This, this, this is not a person, is it?"? How does he fly and fly around? Biluo was startled. He said to himself that the old man was confused. If he said such a thing now, if the temperamental young Villa Leader got angry, I'm afraid no one could save you. She was worried here, but Su Chen laughed and said,long span shelving, "That's right. How do you know?" Biluo was so angry that he stared at him. "Old man," he added, "my master has always hated doctors. Did you say something to offend him?" The doctor, aggrieved and angry, cried, "No!"! The old man was still feeling the patient's pulse, and this man, this man, broke in and carried me, and ran away so that my breath was broken! He said inexplicably,radio shuttle racking, but Su Chen's face changed when he heard this. He looked at his master in a twinkling of an eye and saw that his face was not good. He curled his lips and went on obediently. Biluo still did not know why, but refrained from asking and soothed the doctor in a low voice. Ling smiled and called the waiter to prepare a table of wine and rice, and then kept silent, as if there was something difficult to ponder. The effect of the strong tea that Suchen drank was revealed at this time, and as expected, he had a headache. When Biluo saw that his face was getting pale, she said worriedly, "Are you all right?"? The doctor is here. Would you like to see him? Su Chen put his hand on his forehead and said with a wry smile, "Stop. I deserve it. It's a headache for others. It's my own retribution." But he did not know whether he was really repentant or whether he was only speaking to his master. At this time, the sharp voice sounded again, and the ups and downs were obviously much closer. The two of them, however, were not moved, and it seemed that they were going to wait here calmly for them to meet. Su Chen's headache gradually worsened, so he simply closed his eyes and pinched each other to resist, and the room quieted down for a moment. Think of with some people who do not know to coexist, or by the outside world as the evil spirit of the villa characters, Biluo heart can not help but worry. Looking at the bartender and the herbalist who had just been brought in, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Warehouse storage racks, they looked at each other with even more trepidation. Biluo got up and went to Yunwu to comb his mane, but he made up his mind that if there were some ferocious characters coming later, he should tell their young masters that he could not hurt innocent people. After about a wick of incense, the waiter came over with great trepidation and said, "Daxia, the food and wine are ready. I don't know.." Su Chen's voice was lazy, and he was obviously still in pain. "Just put it up," he said casually. "I think they'll be here in a moment." At the same moment, a voice, almost overlapping his, sounded like a Gong outside the door- "Is this it?"? Why is there such a big hole in the upper part? It's about to collapse. Can people still get in? Another very thin voice echoed with him, but it was covered by the bustling street market, and it was not clear if there was nothing to hear. The former voice suddenly laughed and said, "Ha ha, it looks good. It must be here." The voice did not fall, the wooden door "bang" on both sides, a moment into the five people. The man who opened the door spoke to himself, and his voice was like a loud bell, which made the room hum. Although the scene was not a big one, the momentum really startled Biluo. She looked over and saw that the man with thick eyebrows and big eyes was no different from the usual tall and strong man from the north. He had a short beard on his cheeks and no weapon around him. Only when he opened his mouth and stared, could he show unusual spirit. As soon as he entered the door, he suddenly saw the clouds and mists. "Oh," he was startled. Then he sighed, "Fresh, fresh! Good horse, good horse! It was an old man who came in at the same time as him, but it was really hard to tell how old he was. He had white and fluffy hair tied to the top of his head, half black, and his face was covered with wrinkles. Even his eyes were so crowded that he could hardly find them. His whole face looked like a shriveled plant, but he had a flat mouth and raised his eyebrows, with a funny and strange look. Said he and the big fellow at the same time into the door, that is no more exact-the old man is no more than three feet, is born a dwarf, but in his hand with a pole of one foot seven or eight large judge pen, at the moment crossed his legs, is happily sitting on the shoulder of the big fellow pointing out rivers and mountains. Biluo looked at the two men, and before he could be surprised, he was suddenly frightened by a cold breath and took a step back. When I fixed my eyes on it, a figure with a pale and bloodless face, like a zombie, was looking at me, and his eyes were frozen, not to mention the little girl, even the clouds and mists around him could not bear it, and he screamed with horror. The man's face was expressionless, and he actually gave a laugh. Needless to say, how gloomy he was, he turned pale and managed to calm the clouds. When he mustered up his courage to look at the other two people who entered the room, he suddenly sighed with surprise, and his eyes lit up immediately. Walking at the end is a pair of twin sisters, looks only 12 or 13 years old appearance, born Shuiling handsome, very lovely. At this moment, the two sisters held hands and stepped forward, with two pairs of big eyes twinkling, which were really similar to the stars in the sky. Biluo was amazed and said to herself, "Is such a lovely little sister also a character in the villa?"? Walking with a group of rough people who fight and kill all day long is really a grievance to them. Now the wooden door was closed,heavy duty racking system, and the old man sitting on the big fellow's shoulder had already slipped down. Several of them came to the front of Ling Su's table. They bowed down respectfully and said, "I've seen the young Villa Leader." Their voices are uneven and different, but their actions are like orders. omracking.com