The strongest hacker

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The strongest hackerThe strongest hackerThe strongest hackerThe strongest hacker

Since getting the No.1 satellite and the No.2 satellite, Zhang Yang has almost always used two large level 1 broilers, and then got several large springboard broilers in the United States, and then transferred them to the servers of some domestic companies to get a few as his own broilers. He used to use these broilers long ago. Zhang Yang forgot that the big Q server was also his broiler. Previously, the secret back door left by the infected bug had not been closed, so it would be very easy reinfection. Too many things have happened recently. Zhang Yang forgot about it and made a big mistake. Since there was already a back door, Zhang Yang was not polite. He got into the server of Q directly through the back door. After the sudden disappearance of the people in the computer department of Q University, king and Poison Palace Rose, as well as another data stream, knew that there must be a master, but also a master of their own school, so after king and others had done their own computer defense, they immediately went to the server of Q University with several springboards. However, to the surprise of king and others, there was no movement outside the big Q server. If a server is hacked,fake ficus tree, it is easy to find out as long as there are other hackers. Because if you break in, no matter what method you use, whether it's scanning or fraudulent access, there must be data exchange, and it's the type of data exchange that is quite frequent. In particular, the place where the computer can be invaded is different from the normal access data exchange. As long as it is not too bad,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, you can determine whether you are accessing the server normally or want to hack it by looking at the way you access it and so on. Of course, it is not impossible to invade quietly, but there are not many masters who can simulate data flow and hide data flow before achieving their own goals. Looking at this "calm", "cloudless" appearance, king and Poison Palace Rose are a little dumbfounded, can it be said that the master did not come? Just as they were wondering if they were going to hack each other's computers back, they suddenly found that the big Q server could not be accessed. After Zhang Yang came in, he created a super administrator account for himself. Obviously, someone was staring at the super authority here all the time. When Zhang Yang established the super authority, the person guarding the server wanted to kick Zhang Yang out. But how could Zhang Yang let him get what he wanted? Zhang Yang's speed was much faster than his. He directly made all the accounts strong and clear, leaving only his own account. Zhang Yang simply kicked out more than a dozen data streams that had landed on the server. The hacker war between the two schools is not a secret. In fact, silk ficus tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, the forums of the two schools are very lively at the moment. In particular, Q University has just taken advantage of the school forum of S University, which has exploded twice. There are many people active in all the forums of Q University at the moment. Some of the dozens of data streams that Zhang Yang has just kicked out are the mottled bamboo and administrators of the forum. After kicking everyone out, Zhang Yang directly set the school forum of Q University to refuse everyone's login access, and then Zhang Yang began to clear the data of their server while modifying their forum home page. But Zhang Yang didn't use the ID of gscsd this time. "The computer department of Q University is no more than three minutes before and after. Haha, don't bet with the people of S University if you have nothing to do in the future. Be careful to lose your underwear. The beautiful girls of Q University, give me a smile. You boys of Q University are not men. You have to find our boyfriends of S University.". Ha ha ha ha. At the end of the message, Zhang Yang also drew an arrogant smiling face. Then Zhang Yang put the logo of S University, the school emblem, and the logo of the Department of Computer Science of S University directly on the forum of Q University. When he left his name in the lower right corner, Zhang Yang hesitated for a moment and simply left his account on Anubis with a capital L. Inside the computer room of Q University, there was silence at the moment. The seven or eight people who stayed in the whole computer room were all shocked at the computer screen in front of them. They never thought that seven or eight people were defending the school's official website and forum. They were quietly invaded by the other side in just a few minutes, and all of them were kicked out directly. As the first comprehensive university of science in China, Q University has nurtured too many outstanding talents in the thousand-year-old capital of Beijing. Especially as the leader of the domestic computer department, the computer Institute of Q University is also the most advanced in China. Tsinghua Tongfang, Tsinghua Unisplendour and other companies controlled by Q University are among the top 100 enterprises in the information industry in China. All of these make the people in the Department of Computer Science of Q University proud. But now, it can be said that in the most outstanding department of Q University, it actually lost? And losing so thoroughly, although the struggle between Q University and the Department of Computer Science of S University has not been lost before, but after all, it is more wins than losses, more importantly, even if it is lost, it is also a tiny difference, unlike now, losing so thoroughly. Just like this L's message on the forum, he lost his underwear. We lost. For a long time, a dull voice came from the engine room, and it was the young man who had been tracked by Zhang Yang who spoke. What about this, boss? Another boy stroked his thick glasses on his nose and pointed to the announcement on the computer screen. "Willing to gamble and admit defeat, hang this announcement for three days," the boy said quickly. Zhang Yang did not know that before, these people and king and others had already bet against each other. If anyone lost, they would put the announcement on the forum for three days, and no one would be allowed to delete it until the time came. It's just that they didn't expect to lose, and they lost so completely. Hanging for three days is no problem. The problem is that the announcement is too irritating,silk olive tree, isn't it? Another boy has a bitter face, which is too irritating. Although the whole Q big girl is not their one, this kind of famous saying gives people the feeling that it is as uncomfortable as being molested by his wife in front of his own face.