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Doctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor DanDoctor Dan

Lin Yao did not respond to Xiaocao's words, still frowning, "Xiaocao, if I find a way to lift the helicopter, can you control the direction and not let it fall?" Grass, of course, knew that Lin Yao was not fast enough now, and secretly sighed, feeling that Lin Yao attached too much importance to the safety of his compatriots, which ran counter to the peaceful state of mind required by practice, and was really a bit too much. Yao Yao. I can Without saying a word, Lin Yao immediately straightened his back and wholeheartedly mobilized the energy of heaven and earth to help the helicopter speed up. Yao Yao, use the spirit stone, the speed is too fast, you have no time to mobilize the energy of the spirit of heaven and earth. Grass also did not wordy, directly separated out a Lingshi in the palm of Lin Yao, and then struggled to find more tentacles to find stable and reliable attachments to pull the helicopter. Lieutenant Colonel Du,large palm trees for sale, who was concentrating on driving, was shocked by the sudden acceleration of the helicopter again. He immediately stabilized his body and tried his best to control the joystick. His nervous mood made it difficult for him to breathe. The air pressure in the cockpit also made the super pilot very uncomfortable. The speed had soared to 1000 kilometers per hour. Looking sideways at Lin Yao in his busy schedule, Lieutenant Colonel Du stopped the inquiry that was about to blurt out, because Lin Yao had closed his eyes at the moment, and it was obvious that this situation was the magical ability of the young general. Transmission monitoring data showed that the rotor was overloaded and might break. Experienced Lieutenant Colonel Du immediately slowed down the output and slowed down the speed of the rotor. Then he found that the speed increased sharply again. He had a shocking conclusion in his mind that the helicopter was no longer being driven by himself, but by General Lin beside him. The function of the rotor had lost its function. Continue to reduce the output. Continue Until the whole rotor stopped completely,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the helicopter was still flying very freely in the air, even at a speed of 1200 kilometers per hour. President Du Zhong breathed a sigh of relief and leaned softly on the driver's seat, without any more strength. *** him! I thought I was sitting in a flying iron box! Never mind! This was Lieutenant Colonel Du's last consciousness, and he immediately fell into a coma. After a long tense flight and a sudden increase in the pressure of the external environment, he was not only mentally exhausted, but also physically exhausted. Coma was the inevitable result. "How is the situation?"? Who's in charge here? Lin Yao and Xiaocao parked the helicopter in the small parking lot inside the Huizhou CDC and immediately jumped out of the plane. He shouted questions to a group of stunned people. No one answered Lin Yao's question, and everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them. A new type of helicopter, which is obviously military, with dazzling weapons and equipment and a very aesthetic appearance, looks a little ferocious, because the rotor and tail rotor have stopped running, but this big man suddenly appeared at a very fast speed, decorative palm trees ,silk ficus tree, and then suddenly landed vertically on the ground, even the wind that should be in common sense did not see a trace, so inexplicably appeared in front of us. It seems that half of it has been suddenly summoned, which has subverted everyone's perception. Who's in charge?! A living person will speak at once! Lin Yao's drinking used the True Qi to wake up a group of dull people, but it was not the "Ah!" "Ouch!" The cry of surprise, accompanied by many people's painful expressions, covered their ears. It was obvious that Lin Yao's drinking had hurt these people. Sergeant Wang Chenghao reports! It's Colonel Chen who is in charge of the guard. I'll ask him to come and see you immediately! A soldier with acne all over his face and tanned skin was the first to react. He rushed to Lin Yao and answered the question. Obviously, he recognized the military helicopter. With Lin Yao's majestic momentum, he immediately judged that this person's rank was not low. In an emergency, he did not care whether he would mistake him for someone else. The most important thing was to race against time to cooperate with the work. Hurry up As soon as Lin Yao casually brushed, the gentle force brushed Wang Chenghao, who was seven meters away, out of a distance of more than ten meters, and then let him land gently. The direction was exactly where the sergeant's eyes had just glanced for a moment. That Colonel Chen must be over there. Who is responsible for the CDC? Come out and see me! Lin Yao shouted again, still using True Qi, but this time he was much more careful, only to make the sound more penetrating enough to be heard by all the people in the yard and the building, but not to hurt their bodies. I Yeah, it's me.. Is General Lin here? Dozens of meters away, a faint voice came from the building of Huizhou CDC, which sounded like the other side was struggling to shout, but the location of the parking lot was very weak. As soon as Lin Yao kicked his legs, his figure flashed and disappeared. . Thanks to "Feng Feng Feng Crazy" for being the helmsman of this book! Thank you for becoming the helmsman of this book! Thank you "Book Fish 2" for being the helmsman of this book!!! . Thanks to the monthly ticket support of "Peimi", "yl1992", "Bookworm Flying Thief", "Bookworm 0387", the "Book Friends 090720081741946", the "Old Love Leftover" (2 votes), and the "Book Friends 090416104353544"!!! Thanks to the generous rewards of "Qingquan 0901182318", "Bookworm Flying Thief" and "Fengfeng Crazy"!!! Thanks to "BD4SO" for the 3 K tickets!!! Thank you all! . . (To be continued. If you want to know what happened, please log in. More chapters, support the author, support genuine reading!) The newest quickest chapter, please land Nie Book Novel Net , the reading is one kind enjoys, suggested that you collect. Chapter 489 dilemma. Please keep in mind the domain name , or search in Baidu: Nie Book Novel Network "Ah Lang!" A vigorous figure rushed to Lin Yao quickly. Meeting him on the way, Lin Yao had to stop the momentum of the rush,outdoor ficus tree, because it was Decca. Without waiting, Lin Yao wondered how Dika could appear in Huizhou City, the first and most serious epidemic area to discover the epidemic. Dika reported the situation quickly like setting off firecrackers.