The Reborn Sage Preaches in the City

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The Reborn Sage Preaches in the CityThe Reborn Sage Preaches in the CityThe Reborn Sage Preaches in the City

After nihility finished reading, he said with a smile, "The Patriarch's edict must be clear to everyone. You can go back to the mountain gate and wait for Uncle Qinglian to be born." "But how long will it take for Granduncle Qinglian to be born?" The monks asked doubtfully, but they thought to themselves, "Why is there a green lotus saint again? Someone should be celebrated by heaven and earth when he becomes a saint, but he didn't find anything unusual.." Seeing that everyone was confused, Nihility opened his mouth with a smile and explained, "You must be very confused. In fact, I don't know who Uncle Qinglian is. But since the Patriarch has sent down an imperial edict, we should carry it out." Yes, yes, yes. What the Nihility Taoist friend said is true. We don't have to guess here. We can go back to the mountain gate and wait. Gan Kong, dissatisfied with the triumphant look of nothingness, said. They nodded yes, but in their hearts they were anxious to go back and discuss with the disciples how to climb up the big tree of yuanshi Tianzun's younger brother in the world, among which Sanxiu was the most active. As a result, each other hit a Jishou, back to their own mountain gate, or cave house, nihility looked at this scene with a livid face, bitterly glanced at the smiling face of the dry air, cold hum, waved his sleeve, turned into the inner hall. In the human world, Yang Yang looked at the punishment in the sky in silence and said to himself, "No!"! The spirit of the earth is so rare, how can it gather such a great punishment? Is this the legendary character problem? Of course he doesn't know about parallel spaces! Otherwise,Interactive digital signage, he wouldn't have been so surprised. At this time, Yang Jian ran to Yang Yang and said anxiously, "Yang Yang, your sister hasn't been born yet. I'm afraid your mother will have an accident. Can you.." Dad, I want to, too! Look at the sky. The eyes of punishment are gathered. I'm afraid this is very dangerous. Yang Yang said helplessly, pointing to the sky. What can I do? What can I do? Yang Jian collapsed on the chair next to him, muttering to himself. Suddenly, Yang Jian seemed to think of something. He quickly got up and grabbed Yang Yang's arms and said, "Yang Yang,outdoor digital signage displays, your origin is mysterious. You have a way to be your mother, right?"? Say something! You have a plan, right? However, Yang Jian, who had been hit, was in disorder and was possessed by the devil. Liu Ying next to him looked at Yang with heartache, but was worried that Yang Jian, who was possessed by the devil, had hurt Yang. Yang first gave Liu Ying a reassuring look. He turned his head to Yang Jian and shouted in his ear with divine consciousness: "Dad, wake up." Yang Yang's words, like thunder on a sunny day, instantly woke up Yang Jian who was possessed by the devil. Yang Jian, who had come to his senses, was paralyzed in his chair. Fortunately, what he was practicing was the method of refining the body. Otherwise, it might be like this. If it was light, it would be a serious injury, but if it was heavy, it would be a physical injury. But even if it was conjoined, interactive whiteboard prices ,interactive kiosk price, Yang Jian was paralyzed there. Yang Yang saw this, sighed, stepped forward, supported Yang Jian, and used his own cultivation to straighten out the disorder in Yang Jian's body. He said slowly, "Dad!" Why do you bother? Mom is my own mother, how can I ignore it? Don't worry! I will save my mother and my unborn sister even if I have to fight for my health. When Yang Jian heard this, he silently shed tears, not knowing whether it was for his own incompetence or for the safety of Yang Yang or his wife. At this time, Liu Ying's mother, who was delivering the baby in the house, rushed out and shouted as she ran: "Oh, I gave birth to a monster. Oh, I gave birth to a monster." When Yang heard this, he hurried into the inner room and saw a red ball floating in the air. Above the red ball, a golden wheel of merit shone below. Yang was about to step forward when Yang Jian, who had just come in, stopped him and said, "No, Yang, don't get close. Let's see first." Then he looked at his wife, only to find that Zhou Wanru was pale and unconscious. Yang Jian, who did not know why, thought that something had happened to Zhou Wanru. He turned his head, grabbed Yang Yang's hand, and hurriedly said, "Yang Yang, save your mother quickly!" When Yang Yang heard this, he found that Zhou Wanru was in a coma. He hurriedly took out a spirit fruit from the chaotic bead and said, "Dad, my mother was covered by the eye of heaven's punishment and passed out. Hurry up and take it for my mother. Then tell everyone to leave here for a hundred miles. Hurry up." When Yang Jian heard this, he stood there in a daze and asked hurriedly, "What about Yang Yang?" "I'm not going either." Liu Ying, who followed in, said firmly. Yang Yang looked at the two of them angrily and said, "Don't make trouble here. There's no time." Say, regardless of two people want to speak, immediately use the space rule, fixed-point transmission, his parents and Liu Ying to send out, the air came, a'no 'echo. After seeing the man off, Yang looked at the red ball. With Yang's eyes, he obviously saw that the outside was wrapped in Pangu's essence and blood. In addition to the golden wheel of merit on the red ball, the origin of the younger sister was self-evident. Ten of them were the empress of Houtu who had achieved great merit in reincarnation. At this time, Yang also understood why he would be punished by heaven. 16977. Com 16977 games updated every day fun little game, waiting for you to discover! (This article is reproduced by Zero Long Literature Network) Rebirth of the Sage Chapter 73 Crossing the Plunder (Part Two) (This article is reprinted by Zero Long Literature Network At this time, the eyes of heaven's punishment stopped gathering, Yang Yang knew at a glance that he was about to cross the robbery, and sure enough, the group of Pangu blood wrapped in his sister began to peristaltic changes, gradually a human type appeared, was about to continue to change, did not want to punish but did not give him a chance. Directly a black lightning fell from the sky, watching to split, that is about to form the blood group, a tremor, as if to see something terrible, see Yang Yang worried unceasingly, shouted: "calm down,temperature screening kiosk, day punishment refining body.". [Lingjiu Literature Network] wenxuemi. As he spoke, he extracted a mass of blood from his own Pangu body. Regardless of his pale face, he flicked his finger and melted it directly into the mass of blood. Perhaps it was Yang Yang's mass of blood that played a role or something else. He saw that the mass of essence and blood finally condensed before the arrival of the thunder.