Future military doctor

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Future military doctorFuture military doctorFuture military doctorFuture military doctor

And Chen Han's super strength, itself has been close to the existence of legends and myths, as well as the detection ship in front of us, is also a real technology, the domestic military and a group of the most outstanding people in various fields concentrated on research, more than ten hours later, the preliminary conclusion came out, although there is no small way to understand, but the technology on this ship. It is absolutely beyond the technology of human beings for hundreds of years, and this news alone is enough to shock everyone. Under the influence of Lin Lao, Zhou Lao and Ning Shoujia, the upper class began to accept Chen Han's opinions, held emergency meetings in succession, and made various arrangements for small human beings. From this moment, they finally began to prepare for the future interstellar battle. Of course, there are still many problems involved here. If it is true, as Chen Han said, the strength of a country is not good at all, but if all science and technology are published to other countries, there are many concerns. First of all, more people question whether what Chen Han said is accurate or not. Chen Han is because he knows that if he participates in the debate and explanation, he will fall into this endless debate, which can not be solved by force,touch screen kiosk, after all, he can not kill all the people who question and oppose, so he ignores it. But soon, the problem was solved, because Chen Han directly threw several other alien probes to the United States, Europe and other countries, and also let the news to the world's top leaders by a special means. Under Chen Han's action, he quickly forced the leaders of these countries to contact quickly, exchange views and communicate. Chen Han also wants to let his motherland develop first. After all,facial recognition thermometer, he is the son and daughter of the Chinese nation. He also wants to let the son and daughter of the Chinese nation gain the upper hand and lead the trend in the future of the Earth Federation. Second, he has enough time. Without special circumstances, he really needs to develop step by step. It can be said that from point to area, we should first develop the points and then promote them in an all-round way, but now the situation has changed, we can only change our strategy and force them to unite. Of course, because of what Chen Han has done in recent years, China's national strength has become much stronger, and some major scientific and technological aspects are also ahead of other countries. With Chen Han's support and their participation, they will definitely be able to stand at the forefront of future research. Three days later. On the small island of Nalut, Chen Han, Tian yuan, Zhou Yuhan, Ning Shoujia, Liao Gongyuan, Lei Zhanyang, temperature check kiosk ,smart whiteboard price, Holy Monk Bushan and others once again looked at a new sea exploration ship that Chen Han had just brought back in a huge underground laboratory with a height of six meters and a size of two thousand square meters. Zhou Yuhan and his team have already begun to get busy. More than a dozen expert teams, nearly 50 people, are doing research around this ship. Pastoral follow busy circle came back: "elder brother, those science and technology that you point out us before, come from this sea clan?" Sort of. Chen Han this also did not lie, human science and technology is rising rapidly, there is a big reason in the middle is to fight with the sea people, get their technology, Chen Han simply said: "yuanyuan, although you also participate in it, but you still listen to your brother, don't be blind, as long as you go up in a field of breakthrough is enough." Chen Han asked Tian yuan to participate in the study, but he also gave her advice and asked her to specialize in one or two subjects. Don't fall into it. Tian nods again: "elder brother you are at ease, I basically study a network to follow mechanical person these two respects, other I do not set foot in.". And Kevin helped me, and now our scientific research force is also small, and the scientific research institutions in this country have a lot of help. "Absolutely quick Zan enemy spoon six" This Chen Han is not suspicious, then told her again, and then went to Zhou Yuhan's side. A special sound-proof array was unfolded, and then he talked softly with Zhou Yuhan before leaving. Coming out of the underground research room, Chen Han breathed the fresh air outside and finally entered the fighting state, although there were still more than three years to go. But I can already feel the smoke and flames of the interstellar war in the last life. The opportunity for human beings is that the sea race is fighting with other powers, and there is no way to deal with the earth with all its strength at the beginning. According to the interstellar laws formulated by several major interstellar powers, it is not allowed to use destructive weapons to destroy the planet and affect the balance of the universe, and the earth does not have to worry about which ultimate weapon they use to directly destroy a planet. Ground war is an opportunity, a chance to breathe. Ning Shoujia four people came out with Chen Han. Come to the top of the island together. There is a newly built pavilion. Ordinary people can see the whole island and the surrounding situation at a glance. They can see many islands around them when they stand here. The sea breeze is very strong here, the sea is three feet of waves without wind, today's wind is not small, the wind whistles, if most people come up and stand here feel laborious, not to speak or do superfluous movements, but for Chen Han and Ning Shoujia five of them, this is not a matter at all. Chen Han took one look around and said, "It seems that this island is really not enough. We should buy all the dozen islands around it and connect them together. It's better to build an undersea tunnel underground, which is more convenient." With Narut as the center and all the surrounding islands connected, the area formed is quite huge, especially in the sea and the strait. In the past, it was really a difficult thing to do. The funds involved alone were tens of billions of yuan, but now it's not a problem at all. Things are clear. With the background of Chen Han, the money must be endless, and it's impossible for the country not to support it. Ning Shoujia looked noncommittally and said, "Are you really not going to think about it anymore?" Since a few days ago, after the engagement banquet, Chen Han has left to catch several other exploration ships. Then take what kind of means, let the world high-level all know this matter, at the same time forcing them to join hands to deal with, not only that, but also no longer with domestic contact, whether official or Lin Lao with Zhou Lao their private contact, no way, the top can only through the Ning Shoujia will mean to Chen Han,face recognition identification, hope to talk to him again, detailed understanding of the destruction of the At the same time, we hope to concentrate all scientific research efforts. hsdtouch.com