Emperor QianlongEmperor Qianlong

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Emperor QianlongEmperor QianlongEmperor QianlongEmperor Qianlong

Sha Luoben grasped the scabbard of Qingzang Dao with great force. His fingers turned pale. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, that's it.". Take action at dawn tomorrow, send five hundred men to take the east road to bypass Dawei, burn their grain depot to Zawang, pull out all the road signs all the way, and then send five hundred soldiers to feint in the west of Dawei. Ye Dan's troops one thousand and seven, sent two hundred people feint to attack a Gui, pretending to take the road to escape, the remaining one thousand five hundred people and my troops to besiege small Jinchuan, if a Gui back to help, the original feint people all the way to contain, shoot his troops in the back, kill his pathfinder, my headquarters can also draw five hundred archers to choke the river on the east road of scraping ear cliff, a Gui did not have long wings, Within three days, we can wipe out the Qing soldiers in Xiaojinchuan and come back to settle accounts with Ah Gui! He was in high spirits,Carrara Marble Slab, brandishing his scabbard and pointing to Mazhaigou. "Wu Xiquan's soldiers are defending us from attacking the big city of Kangding, and defending us from crossing the snow mountain to escape. If we don't attack Kangding, we won't cross the snow mountain either. His soldiers are useless. When he heard that his commander in chief was trapped in Xiaojinchuan and Dawei, he had to come to save him. In fact, it takes five days to walk this way. He can't get there. Xiaojinchuan's! The soldiers of Dajinchuan came to the aid of Xiaojinchuan, but there are two things to consider: first, they may not expect us to dare to recapture Xiaojinchuan,Marble Granite Price, second, their information is difficult to contact, they may not know the military situation, even if expected, this road will take at least half a month to come over, at that time the overall situation has been decided, no one can do anything for me-in a word. Destroy Zheng Wenhuan from Dawei to attack the three thousand people of Xiaojinchuan, we stuck the seven inches of the snake, how to play with all right! "What about the old and the children?" Asked the Living Buddha Rencuo. Sha Luoben stretched his tall body loosely and said with a smile, "Then ask the Living Buddha to take them to the east of Gua'er Cliff to escape." He was a man with an unusually agile mind. He was stunned for a moment and then said, "Rest during the day and walk slowly with torches at night.". The enemy of Xiaojinchuan will think that our main force is westward, which can paralyze them. Gui knew that my main force was in the east of the cliff, and he didn't dare to reinforce Xiaojinchuan easily-how about that? He looked at the crowd with a proud look. "What's the point of having so many soldiers?"? Not familiar with the geography, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Agate Slabs For Sale, contact impassability, the front is more than a thousand miles. Let's intersperse and defeat one by one, and attack the leader first. I don't think he can handle it. "So Zha Shengming!" Everyone bowed in unison. Twenty-four generals and prime ministers are not in harmony, morale is hard to raise, and they are determined to deceive the king. Both Qingfu and Zhang Guangsi were cocky and rode camels into Xiaojinchuan. Although there was no exchange of fire with Sha Luoben, the North Route Army had already occupied Dajinchuan, and the South Route Army had "captured" Xiaojinchuan. The Middle Route Army was holding Sha Luoben's westward escape route, and General Ah Gui went deep into the hinterland to find and annihilate the enemy's main force. It can be said that Sha Luobeng had become a fish in the pond. He stood on the edge of the pond holding a fork, and when he saw a fork, the fish would be in his hands. Therefore, the first thing to enter the city is to report victory to the Qianlong Red Flag. Qingfu is Wenyuange Grand Maester, in this above did not say, wrote ten thousand words memorial, to the Lama Temple Zhang Guangsi Zhongjun camp to discuss-small Jinchuan has been burned to white, the only complete house in the east of the city only five or six rooms of the Lama Temple, nature is the great general to live-Zhang Guangsi because of fear of heat, two Goshha fans behind him. His feet were soaked in a basin of cold water. He didn't get up when he came in, but he was very polite. He said, "We've been in Xiaojinchuan for three days. Can you live in a tent outside?"? "This place is spring and autumn in the morning and evening. It's so cold at night that people shiver. It's hotter than Nanjing at noon. Sit down, sit down!" Then he looked at the memorial. He didn't buy Qingfu's account. Although Qingfu was an imperial commissioner, he was now bearing the name of "atonement and meritorious service," and he could not haggle over the seating order. He scolded him in his heart as a "veteran ruffian and rude," but his face was full of smiles, and he sat down without restraint, staring at Zhang Guangsi without saying a word. " Killing three thousand enemy troops is going too far. Zhang Guangsi smiled and pointed to the draft. "There are only seven thousand residents in the two cities of Jinchuan, plus scattered Tibetans from all over the country. There are only about twelve thousand people in the whole Jinchuan. Even if Saroben takes one out of two Ding, there are only seven thousand Tibetan soldiers. If you kill three thousand here, there will be no credit for Jishan in Jinchuan. The master is very shrewd. If you say too much, he won't believe it, and he will still be scolded!"! Four hundred and fifty, or five hundred, at most this number-understand, Lao Qingfu? Qingfu smiled awkwardly and said, "I've taken control of the situation in Jinchuan. It's only a matter of time." Zhang Guangsi shook his head and kept silent. Then he looked down at the memorial. It took him a long time to finish reading it. He gently put down the manuscript and stood up and paced, just meditating. Qingfu asked, "Zhang Shuai, is there anything wrong?" "Of course," said Zhang Guangyu, "the style of writing is excellent. But think about it, why is the master angry with you and me? What he wanted was to'capture alive 'Sha Luoben, and the words in the memorial said,' I must plow the courtyard and sweep the cave,Slate Wall Panel, and I will return to Zoukai. 'It sounded empty. But if we say that we will be able to capture Saroben alive, and now we are not so sure, it will be embarrassing to ask us for someone in the future. He was still pacing in thought. forustone.com