Zi Ling Jian II Chaotic Clouds Will Rain by Xiao Linzi

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Zi Ling Jian II Chaotic Clouds Will Rain by Xiao LinziZi Ling Jian II Chaotic Clouds Will Rain by Xiao LinziZi Ling Jian II Chaotic Clouds Will Rain by Xiao Linzi

Leng Yanzhi chuckled. "If Hsiao Tzu-ling dies, you'll cut him to pieces, won't you?" "That's not.." "Enough." Leng Yanzhi suddenly stopped General Du's words, and General Du was blue in the face. "That's not the point." Leng Yanzhi's smile made everyone shiver. "The point is, you're not qualified to touch him!" "What did you say?" A little leader was very angry. "What you hear is what I say." Leng Yanzhi smiled. "Leng Yanzhi, why do you want to hurt people?" "Cut the crap." Leng Yanzhi pulled out his knife with a clang. "Leng Yanzhi, this is not good for you." General Du said in a low voice. "I don't want to kill anyone. Let me take him away and I won't hurt you." "Shopkeeper Leng, didn't I say that you cut vegetables with this knife?" One of the young leaders burst out laughing. General Du's face is two. "Don't joke." "Yes." The little commander hurriedly lowered his head. "If you don't believe, just try." Leng Yanzhi looked down at the knife and then at Zhao Feiying's body. Elder Martial Brother.. Elder Martial Brother, it's not that Yanzhi doesn't listen to you, it's just that you've been wronged too much. Yanzhi can't let this slave come and spoil you again. "Leng Yanzhi!" Leng Yanzhi took off his coat and covered the corpse's head and face. "Do you want to go together, or do you want to take turns?" Leng Yanzhi doesn't even raise his head. "General Tu, let me teach him a lesson." A little leader rode forward. "Stand down." General Du shouted to stop. "Yes." "Shopkeeper Leng, I'll meet you." General Du walked forward. "Choose a weapon. I always use a sword." Leng Yanzhi stood up. General Du hesitated for a moment and pulled out his sword. "Concession." Use a sword for three years and a sword for ten years. Dao is easy to use, but the ranking on the weapon spectrum is always far behind the sword. This is because the sword is not easy to make smart, meet a skilled swordsman, only eat the turtle. Therefore, most people think that the sword is stronger than the sword,juice filling machine, and it is better to practice the sword than to practice the sword. Today, however, I know how wrong it is. Leng Yanzhi strode toward Du Yang, and Du Yang concentrated on him. "Attention!" Leng Yanzhi gave a loud shout, but before he had finished saying a word, Du Yang had not even mentioned his sword, only to see a flash of red light,PET blow moulding machine, and the blood-red knife was already on his neck. What a quick knife. "Too slow." Leng Yanzhi seemed to be teaching his disciples a lesson, and Du Yang's whole face turned red. "It's a sneak attack, it doesn't count!" A little commander brazenly shouted, and Du Yang's face became even uglier. Do it again! Do it again! That doesn't count! Another commander followed suit. "Shut up!" Du Yang finally couldn't help shouting. Everyone kept silent, Leng Yanzhi's sneering face, and Du Yang didn't even have the courage to look at it again. "I forgot. In terms of seniority, maybe you're still a generation or two behind me, so I should let you do a few tricks." Leng Yanzhi withdrew the knife and returned to his original position. "Do it again." Du Yang's face was uglier than a dead man's. If he really compares again, he doesn't have to be a man at all. Skills are not as good as others. What more can you say. If you want to kill or cut up, it's up to you. Why insult Tu again and again? Du Yang gnashed his teeth. How can you say insulting words? Heh Yes, no wonder you don't believe it, but I can't say any more. Leng Yanzhi sneered again. "Leng Yanzhi!" "Are we still competing? If not, we'll leave." Different from the tone, liquid bottle filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, Leng Yanzhi looked at Zhao Feiying's eyes very softly. Time seems to stand still at this time, at least for Leng Yanzhi. Finally, I can look at him openly. There is no need to worry that he will suddenly turn around and open his eyes. There is no need to worry that he will die. Let's go, brother. Same as before, just you and me. I still vaguely remember that during the Lantern Festival, Zhao Feiying took him by the hand and walked all over the capital. Because it was my birthday, I begged my master to show me the lanterns. But he knew that no matter how brilliant and dazzling the lanterns were, they could not compare with his brilliant eyes. And when Zhao Feiying is not paying attention, he often stares at him. Zhao Feiying's hands are thick, warm and dry. Being led by him, Xiao Ziling knew that he didn't need to worry about anything. Even though the sky was falling, Zhao Feiying would help him. His hand, was tightly covered, even if only so, compared to other basalt for their own grand celebration, but also let him warm. Xuanwu treated him well for the guilt of destroying his family. But what about Master? Master treated him well. And for what? He taught him martial arts. Teach him to read, teach him the truth of life, but did not ask for return. When Zhao Feiying tells stories, she always smiles. However, Hsiao Tzu-ling could see that after his smile, there seemed to be something in his mind. What is Master thinking? In fact, a long time ago, Xiao Ziling knew that Zhao Feiying often hid something in his heart, only when he was slightly absent, from the tip of his eyebrows, from the corners of his mouth, from his eyes, from his breath, lightly and inconspicuously. However, when Xiao Ziling really cared about it and wanted to explore it, it was already the last few months. On that day, all the lantern styles he had seen had been forgotten, and the only thing that remained in his mind, as if the situation had been reproduced, was Zhao Feiying's faint smile and the temperature from his palm. It is a reassuring force, but it also makes people nervous. It was his fifteenth birthday and a month before he lost Zhao Feiying. "Is Linger still awake?" The wrath of thunder. All of a sudden, the Chongguang Hall was full of imperial doctors kneeling on the ground. When Xuanwu went down to the court, what he saw was still Xiao Ziling, who was burning repeatedly. Those big mischievous eyes have not been opened since that day. Xiao Ziling's white and tender cheeks were now suffused with some morbid flushing, and his pale lips were dry and lifeless. On that day, Xiao Ziling,juice filling machine, who was brought back by a group of soldiers, looked like this, and he was still black. He threw Xuanwu's heart from the sky to the ground. gzxilinear.com