Be unique in the world

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Be unique in the worldBe unique in the worldBe unique in the worldBe unique in the world

Behind Ye Xu, a gate of reincarnation hung high. Without doing anything, he crushed many devils and restored them to Taoist lines and traces. He absorbed them into the door. His understanding of the 18 layers of hell became deeper and deeper. He said to himself, "When I was in the land of Emperor Xing, I once got the luck of three thousand worlds and laid the foundation for the holy emperor Wu Zu.". The luck of the three thousand worlds is also composed of Tao lines, Tao marks, Tao and Li, but it is much inferior to the eighteen layers of hell. If you can get the luck of the 18 layers of hell, although it will not be promoted to the level of Wu Zu God King, it can lay the foundation for the 18 layers of hell to break through to Wu Zu, God King and even Emperor! The deeper Tianjue Valley goes, the more devils appear, and even the devils generated in the rhyme of Taoism often appear in great danger. Encounter this kind of overbearing devil, Ye Xu this just with all one's strength, force the other side to retreat, with his real responsibility, can indeed kill this kind of devil, but fight, the movement will inevitably alarm the other devil in the valley of heaven, under the group of demons, he is also difficult to please, so just force the other side to retreat and did not pursue fiercely. In this case, Tianjue Valley line, also let him benefit a lot, although the realm of cultivation did not increase much, but the door is more stable,uns s32760 plate, indestructible. Even Wu Zu can't break my door easily! Ye Xu's confidence increased greatly, and he secretly said in his heart. Suddenly, in front of an unusually strong breath came, he hurriedly gathered his eyes to sweep away, his eyes penetrated the heavy evil spirit, only to see a demon head from the transformation of Taoist rhyme dragging downstream, in addition, deeper, there is a demon head from the transformation of divine lines,x52 line pipe, strong and unmatched. These devils are almost all over Tianjue Valley, and from time to time the mind sweeps, and anyone who forcibly passes through here is bound to disturb them! With the strength of Ye Xu three people, if they fall into the siege of these devils, I am afraid that they will not be able to support much time, they will be beaten into mud! "Brother Feng, Brother Fu, Ran, go by force!" Ye Xu suddenly waved his sleeves and rolled up the wind with the clouds, Fu Xilai and the wheezing dog under the gate of reincarnation, and then a streamer print unfolded, only to see the gate of reincarnation turned into a streamer, roaring into the depths of Tianjue Valley. The devils only had time to see a flash of light, and before they had time to move, they lost sight of Ye Xu and others. Ho! A demon king with a divine pattern suddenly opened his one eye, reached out his big hand, and trembled to grab the streamer. Under his palm, the void was twisted, 316 stainless steel plate ,x60 line pipe, but unfortunately he failed to catch the streamer. Tianjue Valley is immeasurable, even at the speed of streamer printing, Ye Xu also spent half an hour to come to the bottom of the earth. Suddenly, all the evil atmosphere in front of their eyes was swept away. Strange trees stood in great numbers at the bottom of the valley, lush and green. The dark trees were unusually strong, covered with lines and marks, and some trees were covered with rhymes. The rhymes flowed, almost naturally like treasures such as ancestral soldiers. Even some strange trees, the whole body is covered with the strange texture of God's lines, the power is even more terrible than Wu Zu. I don't know how long these trees have lived, but the minimum is ten thousand years, and even some of them are probably older than the Emperor of Heaven. Ye Xu looked up and saw that there were no devils swimming at the bottom of the valley. These devils in the evil wind seemed to be very afraid of this place and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. These trees, all of them are magic trees formed by absorbing magic gas and Taoist rhyme, are born to be the material for refining treasures, and are the best materials! Feng Suiyun's eyes lit up and he lost his voice. Fu Xilai sighed and said reluctantly, "These magic trees are good, but they are refined into treasures. They are also very evil. If we don't get rid of the evil in them, I'm afraid they will be demonized over time, obliterating the heart of Tao and turning into demons." "Just as well." Ye Xu suddenly made a clear seal, which immediately dispelled the magic of the forest, making every tree like jade, crystal and attractive. Some trees had dragon scales on them, and it seemed that the ancient trees could turn into real dragons at any time. Some had phoenix feathers, or they could suddenly turn into Qingluan and fly away. "Good sorcery, good sorcery!" Fu Xilai was full of praise and said with a smile, "Brother Ye, your magical powers have reached the level of heaven and earth. It's easy to dissolve these demons. I'm afraid even if my father comes, he won't be as good as you." Feng Suiyun and Fu Xilai were overjoyed and hurried forward to uproot the big trees and put them away. But in a moment, they pulled up hundreds of ancient trees, mostly ancient trees that absorbed Taoist rhyme! Pulling up these old trees, they were tired and panting, each old tree was uprooted, bringing up not the soil of Tianjue Valley, but a piece of void. The roots of these ancient trees that absorb Taoist rhyme are rooted in the void, and they must have the means to break the void in order to pull their roots out of the void! Had it not been for the fact that Feng Suiyun and Fu Xilai had become the emperor at the peak of their cultivation and strength, they would have had the means to break the void of heaven, and they would not have been able to pull up an ancient tree. As for the ancient trees that absorbed the divine patterns, their roots plunged into the void of the tomb of heaven and pierced through many worlds, even if Wu Zu came, they could not be shaken, let alone them. Brother Ye, don't you collect some old trees to refine the treasure? When Feng Suiyun saw that Ye Xu had never started, he said with a smile, "Could it be that Brother Ye doesn't like these treasures?" Ye Xu smiled and said, "I'm waiting for you to collect enough materials before I'm going to start." Feng Suiyun and Fu Xilai looked at each other and said with a smile, "Could it be that Brother Ye wants to remove all the old trees in this valley?"? Brother Ye, if you had such means, I'm afraid you would have been the God King long ago! Ye Xu said with a smile, "I'm not a God king, but it's no problem for me to collect these trees." Two people do not believe a hundred, not to mention anything else, just those ancient trees that absorb the divine pattern, the roots penetrate the tomb of heaven, I do not know how many worlds, how many time and space, the foundation is deep, Wu Zu came and could not pull them up. Now that the two brothers are no longer collecting these old trees,x52 line pipe, I will do it. Ye Xu suddenly saw a jade tree flying out between his eyebrows and melting into the Jade Tower. The Jade Tower suddenly shook, and then the void in the deep valley shook endlessly, as if a huge monster was about to emerge from the void.