Heartbroken red

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Heartbroken redHeartbroken redHeartbroken redHeartbroken redHeartbroken red

There was another macabre grin, and all was silent. The moon sinks, the sun rises, and the day breaks. "Gujiapu", on the surface, seems to be no different from yesterday. Actually, it's not. Look -- in the cool, quiet and beautiful courtyard, two people strode along the quiet path, kicking the glittering dewdrops all over the ground. They were Second Master Xin Tianfeng and Third Master Yan Ti. Second Master Xin raised his eyebrows, and Third Master Yan's eyes were wide open. The general God deters people, and the general face is full of anger. You're so angry early in the morning. Who do you have a problem with? At the end of the path was the small building where the scholar Muyi lived. The Second Master and the Third Master went straight to the small building. Downstairs, two young men in Tsing Yi just got up, yawning and rubbing their sleepy eyes. As soon as they saw the Second Master and the Third Master in a rage, they rushed in together, yawned half, and their sleepiness disappeared. They hurriedly dressed and bowed down to greet each other: "Good morning, Second Master and Third Master!" But Second Master Xin and Third Master Yan didn't even look at them. They climbed up the small building with a burst of treading. The two tiger bodies shook the stairs. On the small building, Lu Yi got up early and read books by the window early in the morning. It was really pleasant. Instead of concentrating on the lines, he heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs, frowned, pushed the book up, and turned around. The Second Master and the Third Master had already entered the room side by side. Before he noticed their strange expressions, he hurried to greet each other and said with a smile, "Two swordsmen, three swordsmen, good morning." Four angry eyes stared, no one moved, no one spoke. Only then did Lu Yi realize that the atmosphere was not right. Surprised, he added,x60 line pipe, "You two have come here early in the morning. What advice do you have for Lu Yi?" Yan Ti replied coldly, "How dare you!" "Your Excellency," said Xin Tianfeng in an angry voice, "Xin Tianfeng made friends with you, but he didn't realize that you were a hidden master. You were so brilliant that even my five brothers and sisters were kept in the dark." It was Gulan who revealed the news! Or was it seen last night? Lu Yi felt a shock in his heart and said, "Two swordsmen, where do you start?" Xin Tianfeng snorted coldly and said, "Sir, it's no fun to pretend any more now. Tell me, what's your intention to come to our'Gujiapu '?" At this point, Lu Yi could only say, "Erxia, I can only say that there is no malice." "What is malicious?" Xin Tianfeng said in a harsh voice, "My family teacher has been ill for many years. After many famous doctors, he was killed during your diagnosis. It's so coincidental that people have to be suspicious." This is even more obvious. Lu Yi never thought that he would be bitten back at this critical juncture. One is stupefied say: "Two swordsmen, matter of great importance, x70 line pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, this word can not..." Xin Tianfeng shot Wei Leng with his eyes and answered with a sneer, "You should understand right and wrong in your own heart." "Yes, I understand." Lv Yi nodded his head and said, "But don't forget that the old castle owner has been ill for many years because he has been poisoned by chronic poison for years, and then he was controlled by a unique method." "Yes, I haven't forgotten either." Xin Tianfeng said, "You are the one who knows medicine. My five brothers and sisters don't know whether you are or not."! I ask you, the so-called unique technique, but the'Gujiapu 'martial arts? Lu Yi said, "Although I don't know what kind of technique it belongs to, I can assert that it's not the'Gujiapu 'martial arts." "This is it." Xin Tianfeng said angrily, "You are hidden and unfathomable. That unique way of making acupoints is not the martial arts of Gujiapu. How do I know that is not your unique way.." Lv Yi raised his eyebrows slightly and did not speak yet. Xin Tianfeng had already answered, "Besides, there is a chronic poison in my body, and there are signs of blackening in my throat. It's unbelievable to say that those famous doctors could not diagnose it in the past. This proves that you either did something secretly in the first diagnosis, or you said it freely!" Lv Yi raised his eyebrows again, but finally held back and said lightly, "I don't want to argue about this for the time being. There is one thing that the two swordsmen should not be able to deny. On the night the old castle owner was killed, Lv Yi was not in your castle." Xin Tianfeng snorted coldly and said, "With your skill so restrained that even my elder brother can't try it out, you have two diagnoses and plenty of chances to do it. Why did you do it that night?" Lu Yi held back again and said, "Well, I would like to ask, why didn't the old castle owner tell us about the victimization?" It's very simple. "Xin Tianfeng slightly lowered his steel teeth and said," The old man is worried about your other evil hands. He has to think about Gujiapu and my five brothers and sisters.. " "With the prestige of Sihao and the strength of Gujiapu, Xin Erxia is too proud of Lu Yi to be afraid of me, a man with an empty fist!" Lv Yi cut his mouth coldly and then said, "So Xin Erxia decided that Lv Yi was the real murderer of the old castle owner?" In the first half of the conversation, Xin Tianfeng's face, which was full of grief and indignation, suddenly turned red. But now he no longer cared about this. He said with an angry smile, "The fact makes people suspicious. Xin Wufeng is not the only one who has this idea!" Lv Yi could not bear it any more. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the divine light. Suddenly, he looked up and laughed. The sound was like a dragon singing and a crane jittering. The cracked stone pierced the clouds and shook the house. Rao is one of the four heroes, Xin Tianfeng and Yan Ti, each of whom has great power. They are powerful in the martial arts world. They can see the sharp divine light that is brighter than cold electricity, and the long smile that touches people's hearts. Although they don't know what timidity is, they can't help feeling cold all over their bodies at the moment. "What are you laughing at?" Said Xin Dafeng in a harsh voice. The laughter suddenly stopped, and the cold electricity moved and fell on the face of Xin Tianfeng. I laugh at you, laugh at myself, I laugh at you for being muddle-headed and ungrateful, mistaking your friends for your enemies; I laugh at myself for being nosy and asking for trouble! Now, since you, brother Xin Erkuai, believe that I am the real murderer, I don't want to say more. It's futile to argue. What's the use of arguing? It's up to you, Xin Erxia. "You have a good mouth!" Xin Tianfeng's beard and hair were all open. He gaped with laughter and said, "If you dare to be a man, you dare to be a man. Your surname is Lu. Xin Tianfeng is ashamed of you. Third brother, what are you waiting for?" Iron palm double Yang,x56 line pipe, will split out. In the cemetery, a loud shout rang out from the entrance of the ladder: "The third brother is bold, but don't stop!" It turned out to be the "Cold-faced Jade Dragon" Gong Hanbing and Gulan both arrived at the right time. lksteelpipe.com