Desert BalladDesert Ballad

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Desert BalladDesert BalladDesert BalladDesert BalladDesert BalladDesert Ballad

All kinds of thoughts in my mind I don't know when I was confused When I woke up in the morning the bed was empty I don't know whether he moved lightly or I slept deeply When he left I didn't even notice His hand touched the place where he had been lying and he was in a daze One hundred After Li Cheng whose hands were covered with blood cried out he had no strength the knife fell to the ground and the man threw himself directly on the ground I frowned at Li Cheng "You don't want to bleed to death before you go to the battlefield so go and clean up the wound first" Li Cheng grinned and stood up "One hundred strokes Brother Jin you have to keep your word" Tears in his eyes I smiled and nodded "I know find a doctor to dress the wound tonight I invite you to the market to eat a good meal to mend your body" Ordered a red jujube wolfberry stewed chicken Li Cheng's face is a little bitter "eat this" Surprised I said "Isn't this much better than the food in the barracks" The food in the barracks is rare even oil and water "Of course there's no comparison but it's good but it's too light like a woman's confinement" Li Cheng stared at the white chicken and said gloomily I smiled and handed him a wooden spoon "You've been bleeding a lot recently so I gave you something to enrich your blood Cut the crap and drink it quickly!" The two men rode away after dinner When the horse ran past the window I had no intention of glancing at it The grey wolf brand on the horse's buttocks was lifelike I always felt like I had seen it somewhere Li Cheng looked at me Environment in a daze and knocked on my bowl with chopsticks "Brother Jin what are you thinking about" I laughed and shook my head When the waiter came to serve tea I asked casually "Are the two big men who went out just now locals" Waiter poured the tea and said "No he looks like a servant of a rich family He seems to have lost his family and asked around for a girl" Alas! There are so many military disasters nowadays that people can't survive so they have to be robbers Businessmen have to hire good hands before they dare to go to Hexi and the Western Regions A girl's family is doomed! Li Cheng snorted coldly "They are all Xiongnu If we beat the Xiongnu away we can live in peace We don't have to be robbers" Waiter had some disapproval on his face He opened his mouth slightly but closed his mouth again He poured tea with a smile and retreated Life has become extremely simple and calm nearly a month every day in addition to fighting with Li Cheng teasing Xiaoqian and Xiaotao is wandering around to pass the time Just when he was bored Huo Qubing's letter arrived …… Sun Ao and I led the army from the north county each led the troops to attack the Huns Li Gan also went to war with the army this time I frowned "don't frown he went out with his father Li from the right Beiping we each rate army not to meet the last chance" After receiving the letter please go with the messenger See you in North County Chen Ankang who sent the letter waited for a long time Seeing that I was still sitting in a daze he coughed lightly China Suppliers "The general ordered me to take the childe to Beidi County" I sighed "The general must have other orders for you I'm afraid you can't go Just go!"! But if I take Li Cheng with me you can do it Chen Ankang made a bow "I'm still qualified to speak on this matter I can order the commander here to release people When I get to the general's side naturally everything can be done cheaply" I stood up and said "Let's go!" Chen Ankang breathed a sigh of relief and I laughed "I don't know what your general told you to make you so nervous" He said with a smile "It's not just the general's instructions Before I came my father nagged me all night It's not heavy it's not light it's not polite and it's not a soldier I'm really afraid that the childe will refuse" I looked at him in surprise "Your father" Chen Ankang said with a smile "You know my father the general's housekeeper" I said "Ah" pointing to myself "then you know me" He nodded with a smile and I was kind to him and complained "Look at your general torturing me I'm the only one who tortures others in my life How many times have I been tortured by others" Chen Ankang bowed his head and said with a smile "It's not that enemies don't get together" Seeing me staring at him he quickly added "I didn't say it my father said it" ” I put the pigeon cage into his hand and said grumpily "Carry it" He threw another package to him "Take it" After looking around he walked quickly out of the house I lay in the carriage to sleep Li Cheng jumped in and out excitedly and from time Transportation to time gathered around Chen Ankang to ask about everything on the battlefield Accustomed to the bumps on the horse at this time the carriage felt particularly relaxed not yet feel tired has arrived in the North County As soon as I jumped out of the carriage Huo Qubing took me in his arms and whispered "I haven't seen you for a month I've been worried about you for a whole month I'm afraid that when I wake up one day I'll receive a letter saying that you're missing Fortunately although you often don't tell the truth you still keep your promise" This person is really the feeling the spontaneity regardless of how others see how to think I tried to push him away by knocking and hitting but he held my shoulder and did not move Chen Ankang lowered his head to study the soil color of Beidi County Li Cheng looked at us with frightened face and wide eyes I sighed What lies should I make up this time Is there any kungfu that needs to be held and practiced Chapter III Pigeon Soul Army rest after two days ready to set out Huo Qubing and GongSunAo negotiate good attack from the left and right sides of the Huns echo each other general Li rate of ten thousand cavalry then coordinate the western expedition army to ensure foolproof There was not a single star in the dark sky only a waning moon hanging in the corner of the sky On the cold earth there is only the trampling of the horse's hooves Countless armors glowed with cold light Looking forward is smoke and dust rolling looking back is still smoke and dust rolling my heart is inexplicably a little uneasy Huo Qubing took a look at me and reached out to hold my hand "It's all right I won't let the Huns hurt you" I bit my lower lip "I'm a little worried about Li Cheng Did I do something wrong" I don't really understand the cruelty of war When he gets on horseback life and death are on the line Many times he can't live with good skills 。