Dead Man System

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Originally, Chu Tianming planned to find Wu Gaofeng and then go home to find his parents.

I don't know how many of them will come back alive, but as Wu Gaofeng said, they don't want to sit here and wait for death, even if they really want to die, they have to stand upright and die! Chapter 43 a man's scream. After leaving the safe basement and returning to the ground again, Wu Gaofeng and his group were not nervous and afraid, but they had no choice but to go back to the first floor of the laboratory building. Because it was night when the virus broke out, there was no one in the whole laboratory building, which meant that there was no zombie at all, which made the twelve people who had just come up feel a little relieved. Attention, everyone, when we came in, but the glass door of the laboratory building has been smashed, now there are zombies into the laboratory building, so we all play the spirit of one hundred and twenty thousand, when the time comes if you are not careful to meet zombies, remember to work together, in the face of one or two zombies, we can still deal with these people! Wang Sen said to everyone with a serious face. Everyone nodded, although Liu Jin was very uncomfortable with Wang Sen's feeling of giving orders as a leader, but it has to be said that Wang Sen's tall body is more convincing than his weak body. After Wang Sen finished, he walked in the front of the crowd. Even Wu Gaofeng, who had proposed to come out to look for food with Wang Sen before,stainless steel edging strip, lagged behind him, which showed Wang Sen's leading position in the temporary team. In this regard, Liu Xiaoxiao and Chu Yun, who were surrounded by the crowd, looked at each other and saw a trace of disdain in each other's eyes. Soon, they turned a corner and walked to the main passage of the laboratory building. As long as they went straight east, they could walk to the east gate, which was the gate they came in the day before yesterday. The floor of the corridor is paved with ceramic tiles. Although Liu Xiaoxiao and Chu Yun are girls, as students,aluminum tile edge trim, they wear sports shoes and do not wear high-heeled shoes, so under the conscious caution of everyone, they do not make any footsteps. Walking all the way to the east, the whole laboratory building is very quiet. After half a ring, there was a trace of sunshine at the end of some dark corridors. Wang Sen raised his hand and looked at the time on his watch. Unconsciously, it was already more than eight o'clock in the morning. I don't know if these zombies will go out in the daytime like zombies. Wang Sen thought to himself, after all, they hid in the basement at that time or early in the morning, too this did not come out, so Wang Sen is not sure, these zombies will not be as afraid of the sun as zombies. If you are really afraid, that's great! Thinking, Wang Sen's pace can not help but speed up a point. Suddenly, Wang Sen, who was walking in the front, had just reached the end of the corridor and stepped out with one foot. Before he could step out with his other foot, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile edging, he was stunned. The other people who followed him did not respond for a moment, and immediately bumped into Wang Sen's body, this one, directly knocked Wang Sen to the ground, making a heavy sound of falling to the ground. The next moment, without waiting for the others to feel sorry, Wang Sen, who had fallen to the ground, let out a scream of extreme horror. It was hard to imagine that a boy's screams would be so sharp, but at this time people were not in the mood to think about it, because they had seen several ragged figures, pale skin, green eyes, all of which showed that these were the creatures they feared most in their hearts. Zombies! I do not know who shouted a voice, the crowd then reacted to come over, and then did not look back to think about the direction of the time to run. Who will care about Wang Sen, the former temporary leader, at this time? Who would have thought that before they also vowed to unite against zombies? At this moment, there is only one voice in their minds, which has been pushing them. 'Run! Run fast …… At this moment, on a big tree in the northeast corner of the laboratory building, a figure suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of the laboratory building. Someone screaming? There are living people! The figure, then fell on the ground, then spread out the speed, thinking of the direction of the laboratory building and ran away. This man is Chu Tianming. Chu Tianming had just left the classroom of Class 1, Grade 3, and met a lot of zombies on the way, but he didn't meet any mutant creatures. And these level 2 zombies simply can not give Chu Tianming any experience, so he killed up is also very boring. After killing for a while, looking at the endless flow of zombies to this side, they reluctantly chose to escape. Instead of wasting this effort to hunt these inexperienced zombies, it is better to wait for them to rise to the next level, after becoming level 3, it is not too late to kill themselves! When the time comes, a zombie will be able to give Chu Tianming 1 experience, presumably will soon be able to rise to level 4. Since yesterday's upgrade, Chu Tianming has been busy until now, but he has only gained two points of experience, which makes Chu Tianming, who thought he would soon be able to upgrade again, feel helpless. Looking at the number 292 on his experience column, Chu Tianming felt a burst of entanglement, especially when he met so many inexperienced zombies along the way. It can be said that Chu Tianming is in a very bad mood now. Originally, Chu Tianming planned to find Wu Gaofeng and then go home to find his parents. First, because Wu Gaofeng was his friend. Second, Chu Tianming also wanted to find a companion. After all, in this environment, a person's loneliness is unspeakable. Chu Tianming felt that if he could not see a living person again, he was really afraid to feel that he was the only living person left in the whole world. The most important thing is that Chu Tianming knows that going home is not so simple. The community where his family lives is almost half of Huayao City away from the school, a full 34 kilometers away, which is said to be within reach. In addition,stainless steel tile trim, after seeing the existence of mutant creatures, Chu Tianming also knew that his journey would not be as easy as he had imagined, so he wanted to find a companion who could help him as much as possible.