Wolong gave birth to yuan Ziyan

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The younger sister is in charge," said yuan Baoer. Good! How many men do you need? "I want General Yuwen to send it to you," said yuan Ziyan.

yuan Ziyan said, "It's a well-trained dead soldier, Baoer!"! Where's the other one? Be careful this time. Don't let him. He bit his tongue and committed suicide. "The younger sister has forbidden him by magic. He is still in a coma. The younger sister has gone to fetch him." yuan Baoer answered, and he was already out of the palace gate. Sister Purple Smoke! "I think.." said Empress Xiao. You interrogate me. I'm too good at this kind of thing. yuan Ziyan nodded and said, "The empress, please step down and have a rest. Ziyan will ask for a confession and then report to the empress." yuan Baoer is petite and exquisite, and Yan Ruochunhua. But she carried a big man in black in her hand, as if nothing had happened. The man in black seemed to have fainted, but when yuan Baoer threw the man in black on the ground, the man in black woke up and stood up. Get up. yuan Ziyan raised his right hand, a flash of color, and the body of the man in black, who had just stood up, suddenly began to tremble. yuan Baoer smiled and said, "Tell me the truth!"! The Great Method of Searching for the Soul of the Five Ghosts is not something that people can endure. The right hand fluttered, a breeze passed, and the trembling body of the man in black suddenly stopped. It was only for a moment that the man in black was sweating through his clothes in pain. What an exquisite art! yuan Ziyan said with a smile, "You solved my soul-searching method as soon as you made a move. Sister Baoer, you are hiding deeply." Don't show it! "Sister Ziyan misunderstood!" yuan Baoer said, "Although this man is good at martial arts,ceramic igniter electrodes, how can he bear the torment of the soul-searching method?" Grind? He has tasted the pain, and I think he has known the pain. Now probably can confess, if really killed him, the little sister will be very difficult to find a person to come. Because all the enemies are complete. It's all gone. By interrogating the prisoner, the two men had a good idea of each other. yuan Baoer stepped back and said in a low voice, "Sister, please tell me about the case. I think they still have a helping hand. This time it's just a test." Under the strength of the court,Ozone generator ceramic plate, come again next time, may come in a big way. yuan Ziyan nodded and waved his hand. The clothes and hats of the man in black were broken to pieces, showing his true colors. Sure enough, it's still a Taoist sword. Hand Are you subordinates of the bearded man? yuan Ziyan said coldly, "If you don't want to suffer any more, just answer me truthfully." The question! The man in black is really afraid. Nodding his head in a hurry, he said, "He is a subordinate of Your Majesty." "Is the king a bearded man?" "It doesn't make any sense," said yuan Baoer! Why are you all dressed up? Not the bearded man. He is a monk. "We are the subordinates of Qijue Taoist." The man in black said, "I have lived in the city of Chang'an for seven or eight years, and the Taoist temple in the city is the best." It was safe, and the officials could not think of it, so the master asked us to put on our Taoist clothes and go to the six Taoist temples inside and outside Chang'an separately. "Your master is.." said yuan Ziyan. "Qijue Taoist." The man in black interrupted yuan Ziyan and said, "Shifu is a subordinate of Your Majesty and a good friend of his." Friends.. Suddenly I heard the sound of "Ouch!"! The man in black suddenly fell to the ground. yuan Baoer said angrily, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ceramic Band Heater, "How dare you, a bold bandit, kill someone to silence him!" Step by step, the man has flown into the hospital. But when the night sky is silent, where are the people? yuan Ziyan's face was cold. He looked at yuan Baoer, who was walking slowly into the room. "Where is he?" He asked. "Gone!"! If he is invisible within ten feet, he will never escape the eyes and ears of his little sister. "Ten feet away," said yuan Baoer. It's beyond my little sister's power. yuan Ziyan said, "This man didn't die of a sword, a sword, or a hidden weapon. It seems that there are many capable people under the bearded man." yuan Baoer said, "I didn't die under the attack of magic. No magic can escape the influence of Sister Ziyan." yuan Ziyan's anger subsided a little. He nodded and said, "I'd like to find out what kind of injury he died of." yuan Baoer walked quickly. Her eyes shot out two rays of cold electricity, which turned on the man in black for a while, and suddenly stretched out her delicate jade fingers. Pick up a black scorpion on the man in black. It was a scorpion sting. ” yuan Ziyan went on to say, "It's a poisonous scorpion growing in the mountains, but it's a little smaller. How can it appear in Chang'an City?" "And?" yuan Ziyan smiled and said, "a man raised by a man!" The two men took the opportunity to fight a trick, and now they began to compare their knowledge and knowledge. "But how could it have climbed onto the man in black.." said yuan Ziyan. "I didn't crawl here," said yuan Baoer. "I hid it on the man in black. Maybe he knew, maybe he didn't. This Scorpion is to use drug control, in a certain period of time to inject poison, or use the method of control, timely injury; little sister can not know Xiao, you have to study it before you can give Ziyan sister a return. How sharp and sharp are yuan Ziyan's eyes? When yuan Baoer narrated, she had already seen it clearly. She smiled and said, "The most important thing is that the other side has a master who is good at all kinds of poisons." "Yes!" yuan Baoer said, "This man controls the life and death of these swordsmen in black. Of course, he can also make these poisons right." Pay the enemy. yuan Ziyan said, "You can also make these poisons sneak into the palace and hurt some princesses and ladies, causing terror and surprise in the palace." If you panic, it will affect the judgment of the emperor in dispatching his soldiers. "It also affected General Yuwen's deployment to resist the enemy." yuan Baoer went on to say, "If my sister wants to deal with the enemy thoroughly, she should take the lead." Move and attack. "What about the safety of the palace?" Asked yuan Ziyan. "The younger sister is in charge," said yuan Baoer. Good! How many men do you need? "I want General Yuwen to send it to you," said yuan Ziyan. "General Xiao Yu has brought thirty-two warriors here," said yuan Baoer, "and he will send a deputy commander with sixty warriors. Palace. With the empress Zhaoyang courtyard as the focus of defense, the ladies, concubines and talents of each courtyard should be able to cope with it. But Your Majesty Over there, the younger sister can't take care of her, so she has to take care of her sister. "Your Majesty, please come to the Zhaoyang Courtyard," said yuan Ziyan! The ladies, talents and concubines of all courtyards were gathered here,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and he could not escape alone. Yao. We can't fight the enemy in the palace. I want to design to stop them outside the palace gate, treasure sister shoulder the responsibility of defending the inner palace, purple smoke can rest assured to deal with They're here. 。 global-ceramics.com