Special Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms

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You don't listen to orders, don't you want to go home to see your parents, wife and children?

"West cool soldiers quickly assembled, put on armor, holding the sword, alert." West cool soldiers, kill! Commander in chief of the general of the cool soldiers roar at top of voice, behind the more than ten thousand cool soldiers carrying a sword rushed up. As for just issued the order of the west cool soldier generals, is standing aside on horseback, did not rush forward to fight. The west is cool, although unknown, but somehow is the general level, know a little west is cool internal things. In the west cool army, broken camp is particularly famous. Li?, Guo, Hua Xiong.. These west cool army generals have and broken barracks, but ultimately failed, not only did not destroy the broken barracks, but let the soldiers of the broken barracks Yuezhan Yueyong, difficult to resist. More than ten thousand west cool soldiers swarmed up, no one paid attention to behind the people who were banned. In the eyes of the west cool soldiers, the people who were escorted to Changan is like a pig, no threat, only need to send one or two soldiers, can frighten hundreds of thousands of people. West cool soldier generals riding in the distance, command the soldiers and broken barracks. The two armies collided, breaking the barracks, horses neighing, pikes crossing. Poof! Poof!.. Pikes into the west cool soldiers,fish measuring tape, puncture flesh and blood, issued a muffled sound. The sound of the puff let the west cool soldiers scalp tingling, follow-up rushed up to the west cool soldiers to see the broken barracks poked on the pike soldiers, are showing a look of panic, feel the body tremble, legs tingling. However, even if they are defeated, they can only rush forward. Scuffle between the two armies, west cool soldiers win in many people, can also maintain the situation. Broken barracks and Hanzhong soldiers left and right,Diameter tape measure, kept in the west cool soldiers back and forth, the army of the west cool soldiers stirred into a pot of porridge, chaos. Standing among the people, Liu Xian looked at the situation ahead and said, "Wang Shan, you can give the order." Wang can shook his head and said, "Don't worry. Let all the Xiliang soldiers fall in and strike a fatal blow." Liu Xian understood a little about the marching array, and when he saw Wang can's firm expression, he did not continue to speak. About a quarter of an hour later, Wang can see all the west cool soldiers have been caught in the middle of the war, and has been staying in the periphery of the command of west cool soldiers generals also rushed to the battlefield to select the strength of weak soldiers, between the two sides have killed red eye. When Wang can saw that the time was ripe, he immediately ordered, "Pei yuanshao, order an attack!" Pei yuanshao shouted at the top of his voice, "Brothers, reinforcements are coming. Go!" Pei yuanshao's voice was so loud that the onlookers heard his voice. When Liu Xian saw that Wang can had given the order, he also asked the old soldier who had protected his safety to join the battle. Had already agreed that the people have rushed to the west cool soldiers, especially those magnates, cattle weight tape ,Fiberglass tape measure, gentry were persuaded by Wang can, let the servants, guards to join the ranks of the battle. For a time, countless people toward the west cool soldiers. Although the people have no weapons, some are only simple sticks, but the momentum is huge, the momentum is like a tiger. Moreover, the guards of the rich merchants and the gentry rushed to kill them, which added to the momentum. The west is cool to hear behind the loud roar, eyes show a look of great consternation, don't understand why timid as a mouse, always only know the people who swallow their pride would rise up to resist. However, this has been frightened by the broken camp west cool soldiers did not return to kill the people's mind, but thinking about how to live. The people and broken camp attack, west cool soldiers suddenly became passive. Wang can's eyes fell on the Xiliang generals. "Pei yuanshao," he ordered, "go and kill the Xiliang generals." "No!" Pei yuanshao gave a loud shout and turned away. When this fellow and Wang can mingled with the people, they didn't have any weapons on them. I don't know when they were carrying a sword in their hands. With a knife in hand, Pei yuanshao's face showed excitement. He looked ferocious, will block in front of the west cool soldiers have slay, straight to the west cool soldiers generals. PS: The first more, the update is not to force, repentance, for forgiveness. Chapter 265 loyal or not? [Words in this chapter: 2765 [Qisuu. Com] update time: 2011061709:42: 07.0] "Go away!" "Those who stand in my way will die!" Pei yuanshao in the hands of the sword split, the blade in the red light of the fire issued a cold light, sharp sword, with a whirring sound, will block in front of Pei yuanshao soldiers killed. This fellow use sword is purely a simple chop with brute force, don't talk about any rules, as long as you can kill the west cool soldier moves. All the soldiers who stood in front of Pei yuanshao were hit by Pei yuanshao, and those who did not die were seriously injured. Pei yuanshao just carrying a sword charge, west cool soldiers rushed up to block Pei yuanshao. However, after Pei yuanshao rushed to kill for a while, there was no west cool soldiers around to block. All the west cool soldiers, unexpectedly to Pei yuanshao let a ten feet wide road out, west cool soldiers, one after another to avoid Pei yuanshao, dare not and Pei yuan Shao face to face. Block it! "Block it!" …… West cool soldier generals roar again and again, want to let the soldiers rushed to block Pei yuanshao. Can see the west cool soldier is still look fear, timid dare not move forward, he had a brainwave in his mind, shouted: "You don't listen to orders, don't you want to go home to see your parents, wife and children?"? Those who do not listen to orders will be executed on the spot without mercy. Say that finish, west cool soldier general longitudinal horse rushed to flinch before a west cool soldier, in the hands of the sword lightning split out, a knife will be cool west soldier's head cut off. Pointing to the headless corpse of the Xiliang soldier, he shouted, "This is an example for those who don't listen to orders." "Kill!" "Who can kill that black fellow, this will reward ten gold, and official promotion two ranks, personally celebrate for him!" West cool soldiers will lead kill west cool soldiers, and then throw out the bait, making the flinching west cool soldiers have no way out, can only rush forward to kill, and kill Pei yuanshao, can also be rewarded. On the other hand, the west is cool to get the courage to charge forward. One by one, the west cool soldier Mao foot strength,Walking measuring wheel, frightened forward. Pei yuanshao see is about to rush to the front of the west cool soldier generals, but suddenly kill out countless west cool soldier, so angry that he shouted. Those who stand in my way will die! 。 tapemeasure.net