New Jiu Mie is reborn

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The place was already on the edge of a raging desert, and the eagles in hot pursuit were only a mile away from me.

Suddenly, a movement in the heart, already monitored in the sand eagle side of the mind came induction. Under the leadership of the leading black sand eagle king, the whole group of sand eagles, which numbered more than ten thousand, moved like an army moving rapidly towards my place in the strong wind and sand all over the sky. I wondered again, how on earth did they know my position? Isn't this a wild desert full of wind and sand without the light of day? What exactly do they rely on to catch their prey? Is it by the eyes? Impossible, entangled with them so old, one thing is certain, that is, their eyes are not as good as mine, and even if the eyes are good, here is 20 kilometers away from their place ah! Are they good at hearing? Impossible, the wind here "whirring", not to mention 20 kilometers or one kilometer away, I can not hear, let alone these flat hair animals with almost no ears? Do they rely on ultrasound like bats? Think of here my heart suddenly a shock,Magnesium Oxide powder, is really. With doubts in my heart, I tightly locked the sand eagles with my mind. At the same time, I raised the sensing ability of my mind to the limit. There was silence in my heart. I carefully reflected every bit of information sensed by my mind faithfully in my mind. Every gravel around me is emerging in my heart, and every fluctuation in space is reflected in my heart, especially in the direction of the sand eagle flying. Under the induction of the mind, every sand eagle's flight trajectory is firmly grasped by me, and every subtle change of each one can not escape the perception of my mind. Sure enough,caustic calcined magnesite, through the supreme induction ability of the mind, I found a familiar and inexplicable fluctuation in the direction space from the sand eagle. The reason why I say familiar is that I often feel this kind of fluctuation in space unintentionally these days in the wild desert, but I never pay attention to it. I thought it was a natural phenomenon in the wild desert, but now it seems that it will not be so simple. After another moment of careful observation, I finally understood. It turned out that the subtle fluctuations in space were indeed caused by sand eagles. As the sand eagle's gray and dark eyes flashed black again and again, a very weak space fluctuation spread forward like a fan with the sand eagle as the center, and this strange space fluctuation was repeated every time. And this strange space fluctuation is so weak that I can't detect it under normal circumstances, but thousands of sand eagles gather together, and this space fluctuation is immediately captured by me. At this time, the sand eagle was only ten kilometers away from me, and it was estimated that it would take less than three or five minutes to reach where I was. I sneered, if it was so easy for you flat-haired brutes to find me, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, wouldn't it make me run forty or fifty kilometers in the sand dunes in vain? I must give you a profound lesson this time, so that you can hide as far as you see me from now on. The heart must immediately turn around and run at a high speed towards the edge of the raging desert. At this time, I have been different from the past, "Qianhuan Fan Trace Step" Shi unfolds his figure like a shadow, moving forward calmly in the boundless wind and sand. At this time, I have put away the "Zixuan Gang Qi", and it is also good to occasionally enjoy the feeling of wind and sand touching my face. The wind direction in the wild desert has never been regular, maybe this moment is the east wind, then the next moment may be the west wind, maybe there is a sandstorm in front of us, then it is very likely that the next moment will be calm. So my body is also in the wind and sand, or against the wind to find a gap and enter, or with the wind to break through the air and step on the void, Zhenyuan is surging in the body, and the flow is not extinguished. The gravel brings a little pain to my face, but it has not damaged my skin. A kind of comfortable feeling stirs in the chest, unconsciously a long roar accompanied by the stirring force of Zhenyuan gushes out from the mouth. Ah With the help of Zhenyuan Li, the whistling sound passed through layers of sand waves and spread to the group of sand eagles more than ten kilometers away behind them. The eagles were in chaos. The leading black sand eagle seemed to be angry, and with a loud cry, the eagles immediately regrouped and chased me. Sensing these situations through my mind, I couldn't help laughing, and finally found one of the weaknesses of the sand eagle. Previously, I had been wondering why only the leading black sand eagle kept sending out a sharp and loud call, while the remaining sand eagles with the call were immediately afraid and uncomfortable, and then rushed at me without fear of death. Only then did I realize that those ordinary sand eagles were afraid of the loud and loud call. Immediately, I had some fear of the mood immediately opened up a lot, in the hands of a winning weight. After running for more than half an hour, the scenery in front of us has changed a lot, and the situation that did not see the light of day has gradually improved. The sky is still flying sand and dust, the body is still "whirring" wind, but the eyes have seen the scene 100 meters away, the sky has been able to faintly identify the location of the sun. The place was already on the edge of a raging desert, and the eagles in hot pursuit were only a mile away from me. Although my speed is fast enough now, coupled with the wonder of "thousand magic steps", I can use electricity to describe my speed in the wild desert, but my speed is not as fast as the overlord in the wild desert-Sand Eagle. Standing on a high sand dune, I looked around and sneered a few times. Then my body suddenly sank and disappeared into the sand dunes in the blink of an eye. The breath in my mouth has been cut off, but the endless flow of Zhenyuan in my body is everywhere, but I don't feel stuffy at all. At this time,Magnesium Sulphate producer, I will unconsciously think of the art of tortoise breath mentioned in the novel before. It seems that my situation is completely similar to that of tortoise breath. I decided to hide myself temporarily with the "earth line", ready to give the sand eagle a sudden attack. The mind followed the eagles closely, but in a few breaths they had come to the sand dunes where I was. A fierce battle is about to begin. [Chapter 26 of the Revised Version of the Second Episode: The Battle of the Sand Eagle (1)].