Small fish eat big fish.

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Fool, you're not an orphan if you know who your parents are." "At least I have the right to know who it was adopted from.

"Demon, Demon with a thousand faces is in line with your words and deeds." "Yes, it doesn't matter if you add a demon. I don't care about praise or blame." A good one, regardless of praise or blame. Xiaoyuer appreciates your character that you don't like to fish for fame. Old man, you are defeated. Can we say goodbye? "No, you three little turnip heads must act in unison. You can't leave before the two of them win the old man." When Dumb heard this, he strode over and shouted with his chest out, "Old man, I, Dumb, officially declare war on you. I'm going to beat the shit out of you." The words were crazy enough, and the cowhide was big enough, but his skill was not enough, and he was defeated within a hundred strokes. Then, Feng Er also stepped forward and fought hard. As a result, the skill was half a chip, and he was defeated beyond a hundred strokes. Practicing hard, learning hard, even regardless of the danger, soaking in the medicine in order to increase the power, until three months later, when the spring is warm and flowers are blooming,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the emperor finally did not let down the painstaking people, defeated the thousand faces respectively, and obtained the qualification to go down the mountain. This was a great event, and the scene of parting was also very touching. Pearl Buck specially prepared a sumptuous banquet for Feng'er, Dumb, and Xiaoyuer. After three rounds of drinking, the Demon with a Thousand Faces said in a slightly sad tone, "Feng'er,brushed stainless steel sheet, Dumb, Xiaoyuer, do you know why I have to allow you to go down the mountain after you beat me?" "Maybe someone else owes you a lot of money and wants us to collect the debt," said Dumb. "Perhaps there is a fierce enemy who killed his father and took away his wife," said Feng'er. "Do you want us to do it for him?" "I don't think you're a simple man, old man," said Xiaoyuer. "You must be ambitious. Do you want to build a martial arts kingdom? Do you want us to be pioneers and wash the rivers and lakes in blood?" "No, no," he said, shaking his head, "I want you to fetch three rare treasures." The little fish was stunned. "What is it?" He asked. "Wu Jian, Yu Jian, Tai Chi Gen!" "When you were talking about all the weapons in the world, you seemed to have mentioned Wu Dao. It was a famous sword made by Ouyang Ye, a famous swordmaker in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It was so sharp that it hung upside down like a handle. However, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Ouyang Ye had already ossified into ashes. Where can I find it?" "The sword is now in the hands of the Red Butcher Wang Hua." "Feng took out her little book, opened a page, and said:" "Wang Hua, who is 48 years old, has a ferocious nature and kills people like hemp. He was born as a butcher. He is a man of iron clank in the underworld. He occupies the Sirius Mountain and sets up the Sirius Stronghold. Everyone is famous for it." The man with a thousand faces nodded and said, "Yes, that's the guy." A Dai shrank his neck and said, "This guy is not easy to mess with. If you are not careful, you will get a knife." "Of course it's not easy to mess with," said the Demon with a Thousand Faces solemnly. "That's why I let you go down the mountain to do things when I'm determined to beat me." "There are so many people in Sirius Stronghold," said Xiaoyuer. "The three of us may be able to cope with it." "What does a jade bracelet look like?" Asked Feng. "The jade bracelet is even more precious," he said. "It is the ornament of the Empress Dowager today. It can cure all diseases. It can drive away all kinds of poisons. Dumb made a pickpocket gesture and said, "Does the old man want us to sneak into the palace and steal?" "The jade bracelet is now in the hands of those who swim all over the river with white strips in the waves," he said, facing the demon. "There is no need to oppose the court." The little fish said, "The Taiji stick is the famous thing of Taiji Lao Zu. Taiji Lao Zu, your old man once said that the divine dragon always shows its head but not its tail. It's a fairy figure. Let's go and look for it." "As early as more than ten years ago," said the Demon with a Thousand Faces, "Taiji Lao Zu followed the path of Zhang Zhong, the God of Seven Killings. The Taiji stick also changed. You can go directly to Zhang." Confused, Feng said in a charming voice, "The Black Sword, the Jade Tin, and the Taiji Stick must have a very close relationship with you." "It is not only closely related, but also extremely important!" "In that case, why don't you do it yourself?" "The old man is inconvenient." "Can Brother Ding and Sister Pearl do it for you?" "I'm afraid the two of them have something to catch.". ” "Can the three of us be happy?" "All three of you are born wizards. You are born to practice martial arts. Choose one out of a thousand. Choose one out of ten thousand. You will surely achieve a great cause in the future." The little fish suddenly remembered something and pointed to his nose and said, "Who am I, old man?" The Demon with a Thousand Faces did not expect him to ask this question. He was stunned and said, "I wonder how many times I have told you that you are an orphan I adopted from the orphanage." "I want to know who my biological parents are." "Fool, you're not an orphan if you know who your parents are." "At least I have the right to know who it was adopted from." "It's an orphanage!" "Where?" "Henan." "Where in Henan?" "After more than ten years, it is no longer remembered." The little fish looked at him viciously and hesitated to speak. Dumb and Feng'er exchanged a look, and when they were ready to speak, the face demon said first, "You two are in the same situation as Xiaoyuer. You are both orphans adopted by the old man in the same orphanage. So you three only have names, not surnames." The little fish stared and said, "I hope you're telling the truth, old man. If you tell a lie, I'll skin you." Dumb: "We will try to investigate, if the facts do not agree, I am careful to peel your tendons!" " "Fire can't be wrapped up in paper," said Feng'er. "If you lie and cheat people, be careful of your head." This is really not like what the disciple said to the master, especially on the eve of parting, but the thousand-faced demon did not mind, but laughed: "Well, very well!"! Evil! Fierce! Vicious! Ruthless! This is the hero model I want to create in my mind! The next day was the day when a Long, Xiao Hu, and Feng Er went down the mountain. All three of them were very happy. Early in the morning,304 Stainless Steel Wire, they packed up their necessary clothes, each carrying a bundle, and went out of the door.