The young lady of the general's family is neither the wife nor the pet.

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The young lady of the general's family is neither the wife nor the pet. Even if she is the daughter of the palace, her life is not much better.

"Oh!" Shen Jin Wen Yan's eyes are bright, she has always felt that Mammy Zhao can do anything, and now there is a question to ask her! So as expected or she is more intelligent, is the mother had always said that the birth of a child silly three years, at this time Shen Jin can find self-confidence. Mammy Zhao looked at the little maids around her. Shen Jin was still waiting expectantly for Mammy Zhao to ask her questions. Mammy Zhao winked again. Shen Jin blinked and looked around for a while and suddenly said, "Oh, I know. You all go down. Anning and Anping are on guard." "Yes." When they heard this, they went down, and Anping and Anning went to the door and to the window. For the first time, Shen Jin knew that Mammy Zhao still valued face so much and comforted her by saying, "Well, Mammy has no one now. In fact, it's not a shame to ask questions!" Mammy Chao did not know whether to laugh or cry, but when she had achieved her goal, she did not care about it and said, "Yes." Shen Jin nodded and urged, "Mammy, ask." She was a little bored in the room all day. Mammy Zhao poured Shen Jin a glass of water and then said, "Early this morning, Emperor Cheng summoned the former prime minister to the palace, saying that the queen missed her family." Shen Jin nodded, this excuse is good, but early in the morning too impatient, but can endure this morning is not easy, what will say? Must be a bad idea to bully the husband,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but the husband has long known. When my husband comes back, I might as well eat that sweet and sour fish at noon. Yesterday, Mammy Zhao seemed to say that there were several fish specially raised in the mansion. Zhao Mammy looked at Shen Jin eyes empty, obviously in a daze, some helpless but did not disturb the meaning, such as Shen Jin thought a circle, suddenly said, "Mammy at noon it is better to eat sweet and sour fish." "Good." "Mammy Zhao knew that this was turning back again, and she answered, and then asked,stainless steel welded pipe," The old slave will go to the kitchen to explain later. " Shen Jin hugged his stomach contentedly, nodded and said, "get a small vegetarian pot again, but the tofu should be fried." "Good." Mammy Zhao answered all of them. Shen Jin nodded, thought for a while and said, "Yes, Mammy just said that the queen missed her relatives and called her parents into the palace, and then what?" This time Mammy Chao went on to say, "How do you think they will deal with the general?" Shen Jin thought for a moment, took a sip of tea, and suddenly thought of what Chu Xiuming said yesterday, "No wonder my husband said yesterday that he would not go." Mammy Zhao nodded. "Yes, the general was afraid that Emperor Cheng was going to let him leave Beijing." "En." Shen Jin nodded. "What do you think, madam?" Asked Mammy Chao. Shen Jin said as a matter of course, "because he wants her husband to go." When Mammy Zhao heard this, she didn't know how to refute it, but when she saw Shen Jin's eyes, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, she felt like a little fox who had just eaten grapes, with a sense of complacency, "that lady and the old slave talk about it." Shen Jin then moved his feet and said, "I won't tell you." Mammy Zhao was amused. "The old slave made her favorite cakes in the afternoon." Shen Jin actually also some do not understand, put this matter on Xu side imperial concubine, Shen Jin hand gently stroked the stomach to think up, Zhao Mammy also did not disturb, after thinking about it, Shen Jin still felt that Emperor Cheng might be afraid of losing face, and then wanted to send Chu Xiuming out of Beijing, and felt that without Chu Xiuming, no one in the court would say anything. No amount of Shen Jin could think of it, so he told Mammy Zhao what he had just thought of, and Mammy Zhao thought the reason was ridiculous, but. Do not know why, Zhao Mammy actually feel very credible, do not know is Shen Jin's look is too sincere, or because Emperor Cheng did a few times before the thing is really too. After hearing this, Mammy Zhao called someone back to wait on her. She went to the kitchen to cook what Shen Jin wanted to eat, but Shen Jin leaned on the cushion with her stomach in her arms and then remembered. Since Chu Xiuming promised the young lady to stay in the capital and wait, he had to make more arrangements to give him a reason why he could not leave the capital before Emperor Cheng opened his mouth. Zhao steward said, "has the general decided?" Chu Xiuming opened his mouth and said, "Well, I haven't found anything yet.". ” Mention things, Zhao steward's face is also serious, they will go to Beijing this time, the most important purpose is to find things, Chu Xiuming did not open his mouth, Zhao steward said, "I'm afraid it's really in the palace." Chu Xiuming nodded, and the place to hide things is nothing more than that, the most likely is in the first too womb, but after Emperor Cheng ascended the throne, I do not know whether it is guilty or looking for those things, unexpectedly ordered people to raze and rebuild, and finally locked the courtyard, in addition to arranging a few trusted followers to guard, unexpectedly no one is allowed to live in. The first palace was the biggest and best in addition to the emperors and empress Dowager's palace, but now it's no different from the cold palace when it's done by Emperor Cheng. I'm afraid it's not in the Prince's Palace. Chu Xiuming opened his mouth and said that if he was in the Prince's Palace, I'm afraid Emperor Cheng would have found it long ago. After all, Emperor Cheng dug the Prince's Palace three feet, and even destroyed some of the prince's calligraphy. Thinking of these things, Chu Xiuming was able to calm down, but Zhao's steward looked ferocious and his eyes were red. Thinking of the talented and gentle prince, Zhao's steward clenched his teeth. Chu Xiuming's hand pressed the Zhao steward who clenched his fist. Zhao steward took a few deep breaths before calming down, "I lost my temper." Chu Xiuming then let go, but did not immediately open his mouth, Zhao steward also did not need a teacup, directly on the teapot after drinking most of the pot, really calm down and said, "then according to the general said, this matter should not say hello to the lady first?" "Yes." Chu Xiuming lowered his eyes slightly and said, "Yes." The two men perfected the plan again, and Chu Xiuming went back and saw the little lady in a daze. He went over and touched her face and said, "What's wrong?" Shen Jin blinked and looked at Chu Xiuming for a while before he reacted and said with a smile, "Husband." Chu Xiuming answered and sat beside Shen Jin and asked,304 Stainless Steel Bar, "What are you thinking about?" After Chu Xiuming came in, Anping and Anning retreated to the outhouse. Shen Jin leaned on Chu Xiuming's arms and said, "My legs are uncomfortable." 。