I raise a panda in a rich and powerful family.

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This kind of thing is not good to do too obvious, otherwise it will be offensive. So, when Bai Jinhao went to pick up Su Yunyun,

When chatting, the upperclassman jokingly suggested that Su Yunyun practice reciting tongue twisters and practicing stage lines, and casually said a book of lines, on which there were more than ten pages of tongue twisters, all of which had to be recited. When the senior said this, he was not particularly serious. If other people were afraid, they would go in one ear and out the other, but Su Yunyun managed to buy the book of lines and really began to recite tongue twisters. Su Yunyun had a very good memory and quickly wrote down the tongue twister. It's just that at the beginning, she didn't speak very well, and she often hit her tongue. No way, Su Yunyun can only find time to practice. Everyone saw these things in their eyes, and even if Mr. Xu wanted to find an excuse to scold her, he could not scold her. Hu Tiantian is so spiritual in acting. The tongue twister came casually, and Mr. Xu was naturally reluctant to scold her. In this way, Hu Tiantian and Su Yunyun, two freshmen, actually escaped the curse of half a month smoothly, and thus took root in the drama club. No matter what others think, Su Yunyun feels very comfortable in this club. The seniors and seniors here are all very dedicated to drama. They may not be engaged in stage performance related professions in the future, but they are doing everything well. Senior Du Xuechang is the president and director. He likes to take care of all the members and treat them as younger brothers and sisters. The junior class is a talented woman who has published books and likes to make up her own books and rehearse for them. Dai Zhenzong, a sophomore, is usually not very talkative and lazy, but he becomes a drama madman as soon as he gets on the stage. His performance is full and full. These people are usually very easy to get along with, there are some things above the performance, the older generation will selflessly teach the younger generation. Although Su Yunyun has only been here for half a month, he has learned a lot. Up to now,MBR reactor, Su Yunyun's acting talent seems to be very ordinary. The only thing she can do is to practice constantly according to what her seniors teach her. At the same time, Su Yunyun also began to watch some classic films and learn the acting skills of the masters. She even found Xu Wenbiao's performance of "Ma Taiwu Editing" on the Internet to watch, and even wrote down some details of the expression on his face. In the end, I was fascinated by it. In this respect, Hu Tiantian is much more powerful. She has a big brain and rich feelings, and seems to be born for acting. Hu Tiantian is actually very helpless to this, she really has no way to tell Yun Yun, this is the natural instinct of their family. To put it bluntly, they foxes are born to lie. After choosing to be an actor, Hu Tiantian added a talent bonus, which was like adding wings to a tiger. This is also the best stage for her to give full play to her abilities without violating the ancestral precepts and rules. Hu Tiantian saw Su Yunyun study so hard, then could not help swallowing saliva, in the end or said a sentence. Yun Yun, Wall Penstocks ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, in fact, you don't have to rush for a while, maybe when, you will suddenly be enlightened? Who knows what Su Yunyun's atavism is when he is 20 years old? Even if it is a cat, maybe it can inherit some of the powers of the fox clan? In fact, both cats and foxes are spiritual powers, and they have something in common. Hu Tiantian could almost guess that Su Yunyun, who was over twenty years old, could perform very well with little practice. But these things, Hu Tiantian only secretly think, dare not say anything more. Because of the need to compile and shoot a new stage play, more than ten actors in the drama club are naturally busy. Su Yunyun and Hu Tiantian have their own roles, even if only a few lines, the two are particularly happy. Because Su Yunyun is very interested in this matter, Bai Jinhao simply took the initiative to take the task of picking up Su Yunyun and sending her home by the way after the end of the club. Mao thought that his granddaughter sometimes had to rehearse until nine or ten o'clock in the evening, and it was really not safe to go home alone. He glanced at Bai Jinhao, curled his lips, and said nothing more. Let Bai Jinhao be responsible for picking up his Yun Yun. With such a good opportunity, Bai Jinhao naturally has to perform well. So, under Xiong Junqing's sad gaze, he began to write a large set of dating plans in a small notebook, which was more serious than his usual work report. Bai Jinhao has seen in love movies that if an actress's boyfriend visits the class, he usually brings some drinks or snacks as gifts to other actors and staff. In this way, one is to let his girlfriend have face, and the other is to let other actors and crew members take more care of his girlfriend. As the saying goes, take other people's hands short, eat other people's mouth short? Bai Jinhao naturally decided to follow this common routine. But because Su Yunyun's drama club is only a small student club in the school. This kind of thing is not good to do too obvious, otherwise it will be offensive. So, when Bai Jinhao went to pick up Su Yunyun, at most he invited everyone to drink some soda, send some fruit and biscuits and snacks and so on. Although things are not big, they are also presentable. Plus the delivery time is just right, everyone rehearsed all night, already tired and hungry, naturally very willing to accept the small gift sent by Su Yunyun's boyfriend. Therefore, Bai Jinhao's behavior made the members feel very intimate. The people in the club also felt that Su Yunyun had found a great boyfriend. Bai Jinhao was originally a cheeky, with such an excuse, simply came early to see Su Yunyun and their rehearsal. Apart from the instructor, Bai Jinhao is basically the only audience. He watched Su Yunyun recite dozens or even hundreds of times for a few lines in order to find the feeling of acting. At the beginning of the rehearsal, the instructor said what Su Yunyun said, and Bai Jinhao was very angry. The dead old man said, "Don't think you can be an actor just because you are good-looking.". Now those little fresh meat,multi disc screw press, flow florets, many of them are relying on their own face, dare to play the leading actress. Look at what they've done to those characters. How did the public abuse them. khnwatertreatment.com