Dai Li Chapter of Peerless Elegance

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How could you let the young lady accompany you in person? "You're asking the right person.

When Dai Li looked back, she really felt that the man looked very familiar, but she couldn't remember it for a moment. The doubt in her eyes obviously hurt the man, and despite the disguise, the disappointment in her expression was obvious. He uttered four words softly, "Paris, one day." It was him. With his excellence, with her memory, this should not be forgotten, but after three years, she could not think that she would meet him here. On her first vacation at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, she went to Paris alone. They met on a yacht on the Seine River. I don't remember who accosted them first. It was undoubtedly very cordial to meet their compatriots in a foreign country. They talked about Paris, opera, food and Shakespeare as a matter of course. Or say nothing. Just enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river quietly. It was early autumn, the sky was blue, the sunshine was clear, the sycamore trees on the shore were lush and green, and the luxuriant branches and leaves set off the ancient and solemn buildings,industrial racking systems, which were beautiful and romantic. He invited her to dinner. The restaurant was located on the Seine River. They sat near the window and could watch the night view of the Seine River while eating. After enjoying an opera at the Paris Opera House, he sent her back to the hotel, and when he went to see her again the next day, she had already left. He never regretted it like that. He knew nothing about her except her English name. Meet again in the dark He thought he had finally met her. But I don't want to miss that year, that is, a lifetime. It was the last day of my trip to Paris,warehouse storage racks, and I left for Vienna early the next morning. When he learned that he had gone to see her, Dai Li explained. At this time, they sat down at the night meeting, and when she said this, she looked so pale that he finally believed that he was the only one who was moved. My name is Rong Tingxuan. He held out his hand to her, and the colorful light on the dance floor flowed everywhere, just sweeping across his face, printing colorful colors on his beautiful smile. She smiled and shook hands with him. "I am Dai Li." His hands tightened slightly. "Nice to meet you again." The woman in purple at the same table has been silently watching all this, Rong Tingxuan introduced: "This is my classmate in England, Xue Feiyao." The two nodded to each other, and Xue Feiyao suddenly smiled meaningfully, "So it's you." This let Dai Li some inexplicable, Rong Tingxuan gently coughed, asrs warehouse ,push back racking system, was about to open his mouth, but was interrupted. The bearer was a young woman with a light blue cheongsam, which made her skin even whiter. Holding a glass of wine in her hand, she whispered to Rong Tingxuan, "Thank you, sir, for your rescue. The moon has nothing to repay you. I can only propose a glass of thin wine to show my gratitude." It turned out to be the woman who had just been humiliated. Xue Feiyao said with a smile, "How can there be nothing to repay?"? The young lady is so beautiful that he will be happy to make a promise to her. The white moon's face turned red, and she stood there, not answering or not answering, so embarrassed that she was about to cry. Rong Tingxuan picked up his glass and touched it lightly with her. "Miss, please don't mind. My friend has just come back from abroad. He is used to joking and has no malice." The white moon drank the wine in the cup hurriedly and left with a red face. Xue Feiyao snorted coldly, "I can't stand such an old-fashioned woman. She's coy and pretentious. Tingxuan is not the only one who helps her. Why thank him alone?" Rong Tingxuan said with a smile, "It's my fault that I didn't make it clear to the young lady just now. In fact, Miss Xue wanted to help her." Xue Feiyao did not answer, but raised his glass to Dai Li. "I appreciate Miss Dai very much. Even if there is no Tingxuan, I would like to make friends with you." Dai Liwei smiled, said thank you, and raised his glass to drink with her. All three had studied in Europe, so naturally there were many common topics to talk about. Just as they were talking about the snow in the Alps, a waiter came over and whispered something in Dai Li's ear. Dai Li apologized to Rong Xue and said goodbye. Rong Tingxuan got up and followed her until her figure disappeared on the stairs. You won't go back to Guangzhou with me tomorrow? "I'll send two right-hand men." Xue Feiyao smiled and raised her glass to him, "bless you, don't lose her again.". ” His handsome face glowed with joy and confidence, and Rong Tingxuan's smile looked even more charming. "Never again." Speak with great firmness. In the dressing room of the night meeting, the white moon sat alone, holding her right index finger shallowly in her mouth. When she clinked glasses with him, his finger touched here. Two dancers came in to touch up their makeup and chattered. I saw the young lady for the first time today, and she really lived up to her reputation. She was more handsome than many men! The other sneered, "How many days have you been at the night meeting?"? I've been working for so long, and I haven't seen the young lady several times. Is the man with her Xiao Shaoshuai? It's a good match with the young lady! "You're still working at the night meeting, and you don't even know that Xiao Shaoshuai has returned to Peiping." "Huh?"? Is Xiao Shaoshuai gone? Who is that man? How could you let the young lady accompany you in person? "You're asking the right person. Looking at the whole Shanghai beach, I'm afraid few people can recognize him now." The white moon looked at the past, the original speaker is Jiaojiao and Alice, Alice because of the recent hot with a foreign firm boss, can always get all kinds of news. Alice looked proud and showed off her new news. "He is not an ordinary person. Does the famous Rong family know?"? In this world, I am afraid there is no business that the Rong family does not do. Everyone says that the wealth of the Rong family is comparable to the former treasury. He is the only young master of the Rong family in this generation. I heard that he was sent abroad when he was a child. He just came back these two days. Jiaojiao was stunned, and so was the white moon. "What's more," said Alice, "the lady in purple with them is also a lady with a strong background. She is a lady of the Xue family." "The Xue family?"? Which Xue family? Alice looked at Jiaojiao with some disdain. "Don't you know about the Xue family?"? 'North Xiao and South Xue! ' Jiaojiao finally exclaimed, and Alice teased her,push back racking system, "Miss Xue has nothing to do with you, but you can play with Master Rong." Jiaojiao spat and said, "How can we expect to marry into a family like that?" 。 kingmoreracking.com