League of Legends Seven Seconds Prediction

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Instantaneous explosion, how to say, ten thousand steps back, if the ice's big move is empty

Instantaneous explosion, how to say, ten thousand steps back, if the ice's big move is empty, G's people see it, then the posture will not draw the sword, at this time everyone runs back, absolutely nothing. It's just a missing dragon, but that's really a visual problem. And this wave after the death of the group, then to G a mid-term line-ups is completely no way to play with each other, after all, both sides are professional teams, not with the ranking, after playing a wave of group, people like nothing happened, back to the city to buy equipment and so on. After the professional team finished a wave of team battle, which side to win must go to your wild area to plunder one side, the economic gap is definitely not just a few heads, so simple. After which wave of team battles, the economic gap between the two sides was widened, and G was completely difficult to play. For the game of fnc and G, how to say, although there are some surprises, but there is no need to be too sad, because fnc is recognized as the strongest in Group B. If you lose a game with the strongest team, it doesn't matter. Anyway, there are still three games to go, as long as you make sure you qualify. Even in other words, the domestic audience's requirements for G are not so high,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, because after all, it is not a seed team, as long as it appears, as for the first group or not, we are not so concerned about it. After tidying up our mood, we will focus on the second match, which is also the other two teams in Group B, KT against C9. How to say this game? It is generally believed that KT won, because C9 is the weakest team in Group B. It can even be said that no matter in Group B, among the 16 teams in the finals, the strength of C9 is in the middle and lower reaches. After the start of the game,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, the two sides began to play, this is more normal, are in accordance with the training match that routine, the two sides on the single each took the hand and sword. After the start of the game, it was surprising that C9 took the lead in getting a blood, and then the rhythm was not what everyone thought before, it can be said that it was out of control at all. C9 has beaten KT, although it is not crushing, but C9 has been leading the economy of 5000, and has never fallen down. At the end of the day, the C9 was ahead of the kt8000 economy, which was absolutely unexpected. No one thought that C9 would knock over the KT team, although we all know that the KT team is the weakest team in the ogn league, but after all, it is also the KT team, ah, is also the team of the ogn league. After C9 wins, everybody did not think of, possibly oneself also did not think of, after these five people win, Time Delay Faucet ,Flush valve price, five people embrace each other tightly, then runs to the opposite side to shake hands. This can definitely be said to be an upset. Unexpectedly, the second game of the S5 World Finals began to be an upset. Followed by today's third game, is the two teams in group C, HD team, that is, Chen Yiqing five bitter rivals, against the Taipei lightning wolf team, this game is also, both sides did not come up with anything strange, but also the training room to practice things. And there was no accident in this game. The HD team crushed the Lightning Wolf team by an absolute advantage. How to say, it was impeccable. It seemed that you could not find the mistakes of the HD team in this game. After the end of the game, the scene began to stimulate the atmosphere and so on, and then this time is also six or seven o'clock in the evening local time, and then give the audience a little time to rest, and give the audience a time to eat. During this period, the LH team is also in the training room to eat Liu Jie ordered takeout, and now EDG is preparing for the next game, so the LH team can not go to eat. But Liu Jie also found a Chinese restaurant in the past few days, although not so authentic, but the food is good. After a period of rest, the LPL audience was very concerned about the game, LGD against og team, how to say this game, as long as LGD does not play around, take out the normal level, og can not win. The level difference between the two sides is not a little bit, basically speaking, LGD can not lose. Subsequently, the match between the two sides officially began, with LGD on the side and og on the red side. The first B of LGD was given to Verus. To tell the truth, Chen Yiqing hesitated for a moment. I remember that Verus was the first thing Chen Yiqing played on the world stage. It was jokingly called the world by fans. It was also called the classic battle by Chen Yiqing's fans. This thing later became popular for a while, and LPL's single was often used to play. I don't know what LGD means, but then I heard the commentator laugh and say that og's single, the legendary king of Europe, xpek, likes to play this hero very much. Chen Yiqing also really did not expect that this thing he invented would be popular abroad, but it has been a long time since this thing was invented. Chapter 396 LGD's neuropathy ghost animal BP. Next is the BP of the og team, the BP of the red side is no different, this is the fourth game of the world finals, the two heroes of the red side must be B have not been released, the first B iron man. ` Then is the second B of LGD, it is very strange that LGD actually B, captain, this, er, how to say, Chen Yiqing is really not in the black Weishen now, really is. Fang B version of the strong hero, then there is only one explanation, that is, Fang will not play this version of the strong hero, in other words, Wei Shen will not play the captain. This is inside the professional league, how to say, small knowledge, Fang B version of the strong hero, that is an explanation, Fang's team will not play this hero. Because the side can rob, the version strong hero is the red side ban, why the red side should ban the version strong hero? It's very simple. I'm afraid Fang will get it first. Your own version of a strong hero, then there is only one explanation, you will not play. Think of here,Flushometer valve, Chen Yiqing can not help but raise their eyebrows, will not? In the version of Yellow Chicken and Three Hands, Weishen can't play Yellow Chicken and Three Hands. cnkexin.com