Twelve Incense Orders

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The horse ran into the mountain stream. These are the first words spoken by a teenager on the back of a galloping horse.

The horse ran into the mountain stream. These are the first words spoken by a teenager on the back of a galloping horse. He could feel his body burning and his vision blurred. Maybe not even conscious. The woman in yellow reined in her horse and stopped it. "I'm not a girl," she said with a smile. "This girl's surname is Gu, the Red Sleeve Building, and Gu Ruo." "Oh." The teenager's flat reaction was unexpected, he said, "I'm in the next Shen Canghai.". Thank you, Miss Gu, for coming to the rescue. Then he staggered and lost his center of gravity, fell off his horse and fainted in the grass beside the road. With her years of experience in Jianghu, Gu Ruo was sure that she had never heard of the name "Shen Canghai", and when she saw that the other person was poorly dressed and had no evil spirit on his face, she was even more sure that he was a fledgling. Therefore, he may not even know the red sleeve building, let alone the famous Yuluo seven little masters in the building. As a matter of fact, Gu Ruo is the youngest and the most junior among the seven young masters of the Red Sleeve Building. But these do not prevent her from being proud of entering the Red Sleeve House. She likes to look at the faces people make when they hear her name. Such as envy, reverence, contempt, and even fear. That can also help her to distinguish the actual situation of the other party. But. Later, even though Shen Canghai woke up,Time Delay Tap, hung his head and rubbed his swollen temple with his index finger, he still murmured innocently: "Who are you?" Gu Ruo hated her so much that her teeth itched. She puffed out her cheeks and said, "Red Sleeve Tower, Silver Fox Little Lord Pounding Clothes Needle Gu Ruo, how many times do you want me to say it?" "Oh.". I'm sorry The boy sat up slowly, looked up, smiled awkwardly,stainless steel shower tray, and said, "I've never heard of a person with such a long name in our place." After a pause, he asked, "Isn't it a stone slab used by women to wash clothes?"? How can you make weapons? Gu Ruo almost fainted. It was probably the most depressing thing she had ever met. She began to regret why she wanted to save Shen Canghai. Although his dark skin and deep eyes looked like a lonely knight-errant, he also had Zhou Zheng's facial features and strong figure, which gave her an inexplicable favor, so she could not bear to see him die under the siege of Tianyan Palace. The most important thing is that she knows very well that if she doesn't get in the way, the other person can not only get away with it, but also get what he wants. Because she is the masked girl in purple in Tianyan Palace. In order to be the first to win Shoumu Shenzhu, she attacked Shen Canghai with a needle behind her back. That's why Shen Canghai felt a sharp pain in his shoulder at the moment when he was about to get the beads, so he withdrew his hand. Fortunately, she did not like to kill innocent or irrelevant people, so she wiped out the venom on the tip of the needle, but there was still a little residue. The needle is like transparent rain, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, long, narrow and soft, but it can wear through people's clothes and penetrate into the skin. The venom on the needle is called green snake, the amount of which is enough to seal the throat with blood, and the amount of which is light. For example, the little residue that enters Shen Canghai's body can quietly limit the exertion of internal force. Weakening of internal force is naturally easy to defeat. Therefore, the present situation, in the final analysis, is all because of her. She had seen his embarrassment and pain in the dark, and she was ashamed, as if she should not have framed the innocent in order to complete the task. Although this innocent person may have a position that may be contrary to her. But he was so kind, like an old acquaintance from a dream, that he touched the softest part of his body for no reason. She couldn't help looking at him and saving him, with pity and penance. [Time and Space · This · Lushan Grassland · Pagoda River] Updated: 2010-10-21 17:44:00 Words: 2,142 But Shen Canghai still did not know that the woman he regarded as the savior was the purple girl of Tianyan Palace. If he knew, he would be so angry that he jumped into the tree. Gu Ruo narrowed his eyes and thought about it. He wanted to laugh, but he pretended to be naive. He stared at Shen Canghai and asked, "Why are those black-robed men chasing you?" Under the starry sky, Lushan grassland is like smooth brocade, interwoven with the green light of fireflies. Shen Canghai fiddled with the pyre, and the flames beat in his pupils. He said, "They are from the Tianyan Palace. They think I have stolen the Shoumu beads.". ” "Huh?" Gu Ruo immediately put on a stunned expression and smacked his tongue. "Is it the legendary Shoumu Shenzhu that can restore the sight of the blind and train the clairvoyance of the healthy?" "Clairvoyance?" This time it was Shen Canghai's turn to be surprised. He only remembered that Fu Er said that Shoumu Shenzhu could cure the blind, but he did not seem to mention that there was clairvoyance. He was stunned for a moment and then heard Gu Ruo ask, "Then why did you steal the magic beads?" "It's for a friend." "Fu?" "Hm?" A slight modal particle that changes affirmation to question, meaning to ask, "How do you know?"? Gu Ruo understood and said with a smile, "You just called out her name in a daze. I think she must be your sweetheart to let you run for her like this." However, after a pause, his eyes showed confusion, "There are many ways to cure people's eyes, why do we have to use Shoumu Shenzhu?"? Have you ever heard the name of Lady Huarui? Her golden needle once healed the blind eyes of the Lord of the Fiery Prison. Shen Canghai was noncommittal. He had not heard the name of Lady Huarui, but even if he heard it now, he was not at all delighted. It was not that he had not visited famous doctors for Fuer, but the doctors said that Fuer's blindness was born, unless there were Shoumu Shenzhu, otherwise, all the medicines were in vain. Thinking of Fu'er, Shen Canghai's eyes softened and he stared at Gu Ruo. "You look like her," he said. "Who?"? Your Fuer? Shen Canghai nodded: "Well, maybe you can be the same person." "In the world, in addition to the living space you can touch and perceive, there is another time and space parallel to it." Shen Canghai said calmly, "They are two unrelated individuals,Prison toilet for sale, but they are inextricably linked.". You will laugh at my absurdity, but I do not belong here, but come from another time and space. Quiet all around. Even the sound of crickets faded.