Whose little eyes havent seen the best actor by Murray _

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“……” "His acting is not good, he has a bad temper, but he is popular, and everyone wants to follow him."

“……” "His acting is not good, he has a bad temper, but he is popular, and everyone wants to follow him.". No way, this is the market. Brother Hu sighed, "I know you're softhearted, but it's really not easy for us to do this.". If he bullies you, I can justifiably protect you, but now he is aimed at other people, you and I can do nothing. After Jiang Zicheng hung up the phone, he silently made a wish in his heart. He must be more popular than Zhou Manyu in the future-not the kind of "flow", but the kind of "actor". If he wants to beat him, despise him and crush him in all aspects, he will win all the best actor awards, and then tell all the insiders he knows not to cooperate with such scum as Zhou Manyu. ※ Jiang Zicheng's impression of Zhou Manyu plummeted. He used to simply think that Zhou Manyu had no acting skills and could only play handsome in front of the camera, but now he thinks that Zhou Manyu not only had no acting skills but could only play handsome, but also was a slag. "Tired of me and my dog," and with it, his impression of the heroine Anwen is also much worse. An Wen is very slow, did not realize that Jiang Zicheng is trying to pull away from her. When she arrived at the studio every day, she would greet Jiang Zicheng on her own initiative and ask her assistant to give Jiang Zicheng a share of the fruit she had prepared. Jiang Zicheng thought, "I am not a person who will be bought by a mere fruit!" On the one hand,plastic pallet supplier, he ate all the fruit in a complicated mood. At the end of the night, the director stopped Jiang Zicheng and An Wen and said to them, "Xiaojiang only stayed in the group for ten days. It was originally arranged to shoot outdoor night scenes in the last two days, but the weather forecast showed that there would be rain in those two nights.". So I thought about it and just mentioned shooting tomorrow night. Are you two all right? Night plays are very difficult to shoot, and they have to stay up all night, so night plays are called "big night". Jiang Zicheng was very dedicated and immediately said, "I have no problem." Anwen did not answer at the first time, but turned around and ran to find her "fortune-telling assistant". An Wen: "Assistant Assistant,plastic trash bins, the director says to want to shoot big night tomorrow night, is this schedule had a problem?" The fortune-teller immediately took out a set of tarot cards and spread them on the table. Jiang Zicheng: ".." Just listen to the fortune-telling assistant muttering, muttering about the sword, the fool, the upside down man, and what is the positive and negative position. Jiang Zicheng did not understand these at all, and did not understand a word. At the end of the calculation, the fortune-teller said, "Tarot shows that you will encounter very bad things tomorrow night. You are likely to get sick or injured, and you may be involved in a whirlpool different from what you expect now." Jiang Zicheng: ".." Jiang Zicheng thought, it is estimated that the little princess will be like her boyfriend, shouting not to shoot, right? After hearing this, Anwen answered the director: "I can, no problem." The director also hesitated a little:. Didn't your assistant just say that the divinatory symbols were not good? "It's all right." Anwen blinked, spill plastic pallet ,euro plastic pallet, "who filming may be injured ah, can not delay the progress of the crew because of me alone.". Besides, don't the crew have doctors and nurses with them? Just bring them tomorrow night. Jiang Zicheng: ".." At that moment, his inner feelings were complicated, and only one thought was very clear-at least in terms of character, Zhou Manyu was not worthy of Anwen. The director said, "Well, tomorrow night we will go to Ginza soho to shoot the night scene, and the official notice will be sent to you tonight." Jiang Zicheng did not have many scenes, and he soon remembered which scene he needed to shoot on location. Jiang Zicheng: "Is it the scene in which the heroine confesses her love to her boss?" He remembered clearly that in that scene, the heroine offered a kiss to the male boss on her own initiative. Chapter 36 hero saves the United States. "Ginza SOHO" is the most prestigious landmark commercial office building in the city. When night falls, the pebble-shaped building will be lit up with silver-white neon lights, which are both fashionable and technological. Many modern urban drama groups will choose to shoot here when shooting exterior scenes of office buildings, and "Please Hair Dryer" is no exception. In the film, the heroine, played by Anwen, is a new employee who has just entered the workplace and always encounters all kinds of situations that make her in a hurry. The male boss, played by Jiang Zicheng, is cold and stern to the outside world, but always leaves a little tenderness for her. The heroine is attracted by the gentleness of the male boss, and after working overtime one night, she boldly confesses to the male boss and kisses him. The male boss pushed her away with a shocked face, and then said a classic line: "You misunderstood, I just think of you as a sister!" " Then the male boss began to explain that when he saw her, he remembered his predicament when he first entered the company, so he would help her. Unable to accept the sad news, the heroine ran away sadly, and the hero who shared the house with her looked for her all night and carried her home crying until she fell asleep. This "Confession Rejected Play" is very important, the role of the male boss is to let the heroine get hurt, so that the hero can take advantage of the void. Jiang Zicheng looked at the kiss scene in the script and asked the director, "Does this kiss scene need to be borrowed?" The director waved his hand: "No!"! Xiao An is very convenient, never change the script, let shoot a few times, let shoot a few times, than Zhou Manyu. Forget it. Hurry up and get ready. It's not easy to play the'positive 'part of the play. As the director said, in this scene, the male boss is simply a "green tea diaosi", using gentleness as bait to catch the heroine, and when she is hooked, he pushes her away. However, the same lines, the same plot, performed by different actors, can express different emotions. Jiang Zicheng thought about it carefully, and he decided that after shooting for a while, he would say this refusal more tactfully and sadly, and his expression would be more layered, showing that the male boss has difficulties-what on earth is this difficulty? Let the audience guess for themselves. ※ It gets dark early in winter, and night shooting starts at eight o'clock in the evening. The crew circled an open space between the office buildings,drum spill containment, and more than a dozen performers changed into professional clothes under the direction of the assistant director. After the official shooting, they will walk around in the background, playing white-collar workers who have just got off work. cnplasticpallet.com