Love bewitching

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The old woman's face is not very good: "I have never done this thing, but your sister learned something from the old witch sea.

The old woman's face is not very good: "I have never done this thing, but your sister learned something from the old witch sea. I told her to throw it away every day, but she always didn't listen.". If the old witch had not saved your life, I would have driven her out. "Grandma, you're reading me behind your back again." Uncle's eldest daughter, Lynch's cousin, Ah Cui, came in, followed by her boyfriend, Ah Xue. Hello, sister. Hello, brother Ah Xue. "The girl is really a beautiful girl.". You two sisters don't look alike. A Xue Zan said. The elder sister is a little unhappy: "Yes, the heredity of the family, the girl and the younger brothers are all good, but I am miserable, so I pick the ugly one." This is true, the younger brothers are very handsome, all thick eyebrows and big eyes, it seems that a Cui is a little miserable. Every time I go back to my grandmother's house, Lynch lives with my sister. My sister and Ah Xue are in love. Lynch has fallen asleep for a long time and doesn't know when they will come back. The next day, early in the morning, Lynch saw something strange in his sister's room: "Sister, what is this?" "Shh, girl, don't open it. The things inside are dangerous." "What thing?" "I get it from the old witch sea,heavy duty plastic pallet, and I feed it a lot every day." "Sister, what are you doing with this?" The elder sister hesitated for a moment: "Keep it for fun first." Open it carefully. It's a very, very small green worm. Lynch was startled. Is it the legendary seedling? Lynch has hated these mollusks since he was a child, and it's disgusting to see them. Chapter 8 Red Rope Chapter 8 Red Rope "Sister, Grandma is not happy that you always go to the old witch sea." "What do you know about children?". The magic power of the old witch sea is higher than that of the old woman. The old woman is jealous. When you were three years old, you fell into a pool of water, and when you picked it up, your breath was gone. Grandma came up with all kinds of ideas, such as drinking medicine and inserting needles,plastic bulk containers, but it was useless. Finally, I asked the old witch Hai to call the soul and give you a life-saving rope to save you. "Sister, you are superstitious. Medically speaking, as long as I am not brain dead and in a coma for a period of time, I will wake up naturally under the stimulation of acupuncture." Speaking of science, I can't compare with your college students. Anyway, I believe it. The red rope that the old witch sea tied to you was treated with this green worm. Lynch raised his wrist, and there was a thin circle of dark red rope in his left hand. "Is this it?" Cui looked at it. "Yes." The red rope grew up with Lynch, and Grandma always told her not to take it off, saying that it could ward off evil spirits. Its color is dark red, there is no loose buckle, the interface is solid with fire, as long as it is cut off, it can be taken down. Old Wu Hai didn't explain how to do it? If you can really save people, it's good to raise this green insect, which is also a breakthrough in traditional Chinese medicine. "She won't say unless I become Wu Hai, too." "Sister, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet box, don't be silly. No young man in Miaoxiang dares to marry Wu Hai." "Yeah, so I didn't." "Girl, does anyone like you?" "I don't know, sister." "Silly girl, I don't know if there are people around you all day, walking around." "Yes, but he has a girlfriend." "Does it bother you to see his girlfriend?" "No, we had dinner together and were happy." That means you don't like him. If Ah Hsueh talks to another woman, I won't be happy, and I'll feel terrible. "Brother Ah Xue is very kind to you." "Girl, sometimes I wish Old Wu Hai could give me a red rope. I went to beg, but she said no." "Why?" "Old Wu Hai said that she put it on when she saved you, stained with your blood, so she followed your life. If you have a wish in mind, cut it off and burn it, the wish can come true.". The longer you wear it, the better. "Sister, what do you want the red rope for?" "I want Ah Xue to never leave me." Sister, those are all feudal superstitions. Witchcraft still sounds like self-hypnosis. If a person is determined to realize a wish, he will probably be able to realize it. ” "Don't talk nonsense, God will blame you." Chapter 9 men do not shed tears easily. Chapter 9 men do not shed tears easily. The fun was short. The school holidays were too short. In a few days, Lynch had to pack his bags and go back to school. After saying goodbye to his hometown and relatives, Lynch returned to school. Students have returned to school one after another, the joy of repetition after a long absence, the excitement of the new school, rendering each student, we visit each other, share local products, chat. A few days later, Lynch has not seen Ma Xin, even the experimental class is done by a person, less those poor words to amuse her, her heart is really concerned about. Wang Jian, why don't you see Ma Xin? "He asked for leave and said that Grandma was ill, which seemed to be serious." When Lynch saw Ma Xin again, he had been in class for two weeks. Everyone was playing volleyball with laughter and laughter. He heard Wang Jian shouting: "Ma Xin is back." He turned around and saw that Ma Xin had lost a lot of weight. His clothes were on his body, his face was pale, and he was coming. There was a very dazzling black sleeve ring on his arm. Somehow, Lynch felt very sad. Everyone gathered around, "Ma Xin, are you all right?" "Ma Xin, I'm sorry for your loss." Unexpectedly, Ma Xin blushed and burst into anger: "Go away, you hypocritical guys, don't comfort me with those hypocritical words." Everyone was stunned and watched him shuffle and stagger back to the dormitory. Lynch hesitated to follow the past, wandering around the door of Ma Xin's dormitory a few times, hesitating to knock, the door opened, Ma Xin said with an expressionless face: "Come in.". Lynch followed, and he was the only one in the dormitory, with cigarette butts all over the floor and smoke all over the room. What's the matter? "Well, I want to discuss tomorrow's experiment with you." Ma Xin looked at Lynch, who was obviously lying, and felt sour in his heart. Excuses? Do you want to be like them and see how unlucky I am? Satisfy the vanity of seeking novelty? And then laugh at me where no one is,foldable bulk container, right? You go, I don't need anyone's comfort! Watching Lynch burst into tears, he turned and walked out.