Royal Witch Academy

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Although Hathaway still feels a little unreal, what happens is what happens, and there's no doubt about it.

Although Hathaway still feels a little unreal, what happens is what happens, and there's no doubt about it. She is a person who holds the idea of "taking things as they come", which is the same reason that she accepted the fact quickly and actively integrated into the world after she was inexplicably struck by lightning. So she soon stopped obsessing about it. However, it's really gratifying to see the way Professor Shaq jumps! Hathaway raised the corners of her mouth at the thought of how angry she had been. Not bad! At this time, Mihui came over and patted her on the shoulder with a smile. "How about having dinner together after school in the afternoon?" Hathaway smiled cheerfully and nodded yes. The dining hall is the most interesting part of the school. After walking into the door of the dining hall with Mihui, there was a flash of brilliance in front of them, and the scene changed in an instant. They stepped on the glass floor printed with beautiful flower patterns. In front of you are rows and rows of long tables, with round boards suspended beside them, which are actually chairs, which will adjust their position in midair with your height, and sit on them as smoothly as on chairs. Golden shelves hung from the roof, filled with white candles. There are also many beautifully carved candlesticks around the lobby,empty cosmetic tubes, and short candles are placed on the stage, which makes the whole broad dining hall brilliant and bright. They picked an empty table at random and sat down. Dining here is in the form of buffet. There is a 100-meter-long table in the center of the lobby, on which there are all kinds of delicious food. The first time Hathaway came here, she was moved to tears-the food was as good as a five-star hotel, and there was a lot of variety. The most important thing is to eat as much as you want,eye cream packaging tube, which is simply the enjoyment of the emperor, more than the Man-Han banquet! After a very satisfying dinner, Hathaway said goodbye to Mihui and walked to the first grade office. Only, after a few steps, she stopped with a sad face. Where is the first grade office? She said to the air. Go with your instincts. Aya said, "I heard Lord Lott say that Lord Ogu used to have a sixth sense beyond imagination. You are her descendant, and you will not be worse in this respect." "In that case, why do I make so many mistakes every time I do multiple choice questions in the exam?" Hathaway asked with a bitter face. How can this world compare with yours? Ayamichi. That too. She nodded and walked on. After a while, she heard a piercing scream from the corner ahead. What happened She darted to the source of the scream. At the corner, cosmetic tube ,empty lotion tubes, a tall dark shadow suddenly flashed by, and Hathaway couldn't react and hit it hard! When she realized that she was about to kiss the earth, a pair of warm and strong hands suddenly reached out and held her up. Looking up, time seemed to freeze in that moment. It was a pair of blue-green eyes, reminiscent of the gentle and transparent waters of the Maldives, which were staring at her calmly at the moment, with a touch of playful scrutiny in their eyes. Looking at him at such a close distance, despite a black mask and a black robe, you can still feel the oppression of the man in front of you! After seeing Hathaway stand firm, he quickly released his hand, quickly jumped to the white jade carving railing, looked back, half of the mask, thin and perfectly shaped lips slightly hooked, like cherry blossom petals falling in the night. Then the black robe was raised and he jumped down. Hathaway's eyes widened in surprise. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. What? Jump?! She hurried to the railing and looked down. This is the tenth floor, plus this is a building built by magic, each floor is at least more than ten meters! The black figure fell quickly and gradually became a black spot, which disappeared in the blue night in the blink of an eye. Hathaway stood there for five seconds. "Xu Lina?" There was a quiet call behind her, which finally brought Hathaway to her senses. Looking back, Hathaway realized that a blonde girl who was also in the first grade was lying on the ground with a pale face. The man who had just called the student, the winged man Muying, was crouching down to lift her up. Then, one after another, someone came out of a door not far away-Manya # 8226; Garden. Jay Vinson Mechela, and that strange boy, Chui Lan. It turned out that the first grade office was nearby. What's going on here? Vice Principal Manya came over and bowed her head and asked Muying. She's in a coma. Mu Ying looked at the pale blonde girl and came to the conclusion after examining her. Miss Ogu, can you please tell me what this is all about? Manya's eagle-like eyes immediately shot at Hathaway. Yes Yes The masked man in the dress attacked her! Hathaway blurted out in a panic. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, the rest of the people gave her strange looks. Hathaway gave two dry laughs. Alas. This time I jumped into the Yellow River and couldn't wash it. "Hathaway # 8226; Ogu" I wish you would tell the truth about what you know. Manya sat down in a soft chair in the office and asked with a serious look. All around, the other four candidates are standing. Hathaway said exactly what she had heard and seen. When she spoke of the mysterious man's eyes, all the people present showed obvious disbelief, not counting,aluminium laminated tube, of course, the drooping blue that covered his whole face with his hat. Turquoise eyes?! Manya repeated in surprise, "It's impossible!" "Why is it impossible?" Hathaway asked curiously.