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She finished, before Meng Shi had not vomited blood, she added slowly,

She finished, before Meng Shi had not vomited blood, she added slowly, "In addition, there is compensation for our brother and sister's fertile land of 20, silver thousand two." Xuan Li found all the property information in his uncle's hands and returned them. After the punishment of sitting together, the mother and son could go to drink the northwest wind. The original owner suffered for eight years, and was finally killed by the father-in-law who was in charge of the imperial kitchen. They should also be given a taste of nothing. Su Wan narrowed her eyes and recalled the first words Meng had said when she saw herself, and her face suddenly turned cold. The death of the original owner, perhaps not the father-in-law in charge of her appearance, but the uncle wanted to borrow the father-in-law's hand, let the original owner die in the palace. Su Chi was surrounded only by his old and infirm grandmother Li. If the original owner is dead, with his situation, it is impossible to get the property back. It will be difficult for another ten years. Su Qimin would not have given him a chance to sue. If he hadn't gone to Fuxiangfang as an apprentice and moved incognito, he would have died a hundred times earlier. Unfortunately, the father-in-law in charge was still on duty in the palace, and he had no evidence to accuse him of conspiring with Su Qimin with the intention of killing himself. If you sue, the news that you are still alive will be leaked, and you will be killed. The new emperor had only written an imperial edict for her to leave the palace,naringenin price, and it was too easy to be misunderstood as the new emperor's woman. Su Wan secretly grinds her teeth. When Chen Liangfei was sealed, she didn't think of it, otherwise she would have cleaned up the father-in-law. If such a person stays in the palace, he will kill other ladies in the future. Miss the opportunity in vain. Turn around and tell Xuanli to drive the father-in-law out of the palace or kill him. Why give it to you? Standing behind Meng, Su Tingyue blew his beard and stared. He raised his hand and pointed at Su Wan's nose and scolded, "You bitch, you can't take half a cent of silver from here." This cousin is not dead?! Su Tingwei reached out and tugged at him,lycopene for skin, his eyes rolling. How did the cousin leave the palace? The news from the palace clearly said that she had been burned to death. With the official documents of Bianjing Prefecture. Out of the corner of her eye, Su Wan saw Qiu Shuang coming in with her, her lips slightly curved. The masters of Bianjing Prefecture are all here, and they have to give even if they don't. Su Tingyue was so mad that if Meng hadn't stopped him, he would have almost rushed up and hit him. Miss Su doesn't have to talk nonsense with them. Shiye stepped forward and ordered in a deep voice, "Catch the two sons of the Meng family and the Su family. If you refuse to hand over the deed of the house and the deed of the land, the crime will be aggravated." The prefect said that Miss Su's status was extraordinary, and that the matter must be done well. I'll give it. Meng Shi pulled Su Tingyue's sleeve to stop Su Tingwei and agreed with hatred, "Please go home with me to get it." Mother-in-law Li Shi is still alive, will not let Su Wan kill her husband, when she cries, maybe she can get something back. Master nodded faintly. Mother, why should you give the shop to this little bitch? Grandpa's giving the Spice Collection to Uncle is obviously partial. Su Tingyue's words are unscrupulous. The autumn frost went up and gave Su Tingyue a slap in the face, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,stesweet stevia, and the fundus of his eyes showed his intention to kill. "Keep your mouth clean!" Su Tingyue fell out and opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood. He raised his head and wanted to scold again, but when he saw the yamen runners coming around, he shyly shut up. The identity of Su Wan. It seems to be a little different. Twelve years ago, she and Su Chi, dressed like beggars, followed their grandmother to beg their father to give them a way out. Her father did not agree, and Su Wan had no choice but to sell herself into the palace as a palace maid. Now not only did she not die in the palace, but she had a maid beside her, and even the master of the Bianjing government office was very respectful to her. Could it be that she hooked up with a prince or a minister in the palace and became someone else's outer room? How much silver does the maid in the palace spend in a month? In eight years, it's only two or three hundred taels at most, and she can't afford to spend it like this. The clothes on the body are from Jinyifang. Although the style is from last year, it is not cheap. A set costs more than three hundred pennies. Su Chi is also, the clothes on the body look like a playboy, not a family with only enough silver to eat, can wear daily. It must be someone else's outer room. Su Tingyue suppressed the hatred and anger in his chest and decided to stay put until he found Su Wan's handle, and then forced her to return the property of the shop. Take away. Master glanced at Su Tingyue, turned his head and immediately said politely to Su Wan, "Miss Su, please." "You're welcome, Master." Su Wan lifted her feet and went out. The yamen runner drove out the shopkeeper and the waiter of Lanxin Square, locked the door, took the key and handed it to Su Wan. Hearing the news, the people came to watch the fun. The more Su Ting hung his head, the more he wished he could crush Su Wan's bones and raise ashes. Su Wan took the key and smiled shallowly when she passed by Gu Mengping. She said apologetically, "If Master Gu has something to do, he will go back first. Thank you for coming to help today." "All right, see you later." Gu Mengping arched his hand and turned around indifferently. He thought that Su Wan would quarrel with Su Qimin's wife, and even prepared to see her shrew scold the street, but she did not scold at all, nor was she cocky. From the beginning to the end, she was very calm, and even when she was angry, she did not speak ill. I seem to have a greater prejudice against her? "Ah Chi." Su Wan beckoned Su Chi to come over and said lightly, "You are a scholar when you enter the school. Don't speak ill of a scholar. Convince people by reasoning." When Su Tingyue heard this, he covered his swollen face with hatred. I don't know which one is the outer room of the princes and nobles. How long can they be arrogant. Su Chi-min's house was bought in Sixin Square. Although the courtyard was not as big as Su Wan's new house, the layout was extremely elegant. Su Wan looked around at random and decided to change the owner to Su Chi when he changed his name. These are the original owner and his, and you can't take them yourself. Meng Shi went into the house and rummaged through boxes and cupboards, found out all the deeds of the house and the title deeds and gave them to Su Wan, and then collected all the broken silver to collect a thousand taels. Hand over the key. Su Wan counted the silver tickets and gave Su Chi all the broken silver, with a cold attitude. "From now on, this is still Su's house, but it has nothing to do with you." "You are unreasonable!" Su Tingyue bared his teeth. "The deeds of the house and the title deed have all been given to you,carnosic acid price, but you still let the government punish me for waiting!" "Unreasonable.". Chi and I have suffered for twelve years, and it's your turn to taste it. Su Wan said and turned to look at the master beside her, "I did something wrong." 。