The favorite concubine of the king of Liao

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Linglong's lips raised a mocking smile and threw the dagger on the table, convinced that her

Linglong's lips raised a mocking smile and threw the dagger on the table, convinced that her martial arts could deal with her without weapons, and the dagger was deeply inserted on the table with her strength. With his hands around his chest, he said sarcastically, "You are really a stupid assassin. You have not figured out the details of your opponent yet.". You use a soft sword. It seems that you are a real Song man. I don't seem to have any hatred with you, do I? She couldn't remember who she had made enemies with, but she had been staying in the palace of the Song Dynasty. Only Zhao Guangyi ordered her to kill Yelv Xiuge before she left the palace. She had never made enemies in Jianghu? "We have no enmity, but you have enmity with me because you are the princess of Yelv Xiuge." Zhao Ling looked at her with hatred, ready to come and kill her at any time. As soon as Linglong Liu raised her eyebrows, she cried with displeasure, "I'm the princess of the North Courtyard. What's the matter with you?" He stepped forward aggressively and saw through the hatred in Zhao Ling's eyes. She didn't know her at all. She wanted to kill her because she was the princess of the North Court. "You're not Yelv Xiuge's former woman, are you?" The body flashed in front of her, the momentum of a pressing grasp of her sword, see Zhao Ling's expression flashed a trace of panic. It turned out that she had really guessed that a rookie who had just finished his apprenticeship had not yet made his way through Jianghu. She didn't think about it. She only ran amuck in the palace of the Song Dynasty for a few days, and she didn't go to Jianghu. After she had those love and hatred with Yelv Xiuge, she had stayed in Khitan for a long time. She didn't know anything about the Central Plains Wulin at all. She just guessed that Zhao Ling was a novice killer by her own feelings. Look at the panic in her eyes. You Zhao Ling stepped back, trying to pull the sword out of Linglong's hand, but Linglong's hand had already been held,jujube seed powder, with eight points of internal force, she simply could not pull the sword out. When flustered, the back suddenly raised the alert, a cold feeling hurried to the neck, Yelv Xiuge's voice sounded behind him, "You are really up to no good." Linglong giggled, pinched the hand of the soft sword body,jujube seed powder, turned her body around, and easily seized the soft sword. He played with it in his hand and showed it off triumphantly in front of Zhao Ling. Then he threw the soft sword to Liu Tianlin, who was standing outside the door. "Brother Tianlin, you are a famous know-it-all in Jianghu. Look, what is the origin of this sword?" Liu Tianlin smiled sheepishly, "This is not an ordinary soft sword, the king's brother-in-law's wolf tooth knife became disabled as soon as it was cut." He smiled and raised his sword. Yelv Xiuge withdrew his sword with a low smile and raised it to cut the soft sword. Sure enough, the soft sword was cut in half. Liu Tianlin smiled innocently and threw the hilt on the ground. You Zhao Ling was so angry that she almost vomited blood. However, she was surrounded by experts. She could not move. She could only open her eyes angrily and wanted to kill Linglong with her eyes. Brother Tianlin, why are you free to come to my sister's house today? What's the matter? Linglong jumped, touched Zhao Ling's acupoint, sat down at the table, rosmarinic acid supplement ,akba boswellic acid, gracefully picked up the silver spoon and continued to eat her mother's love tremella soup. Liu Tianlin touched his head and laughed, "I just met the king's brother-in-law, pestering him to see his wolf tooth knife.". I saw his treasures in the armory, and by the way, I followed him to catch the assassin. Yelv Xiuge put his knife on the table and sat beside Linglong. He said with a smile, "Brother, you can take whatever you want except the wolf tooth knife and the things in the armory. I went to the battlefield to kill the enemy. I have been following me for more than ten years. Just like my concubine, I don't want to give it to you." Linglong glared at him and said, "Then you can sleep with your knife in your arms and return the concubine." "In fact, I just want to see where I dare to take love." Liu Tianlin walked in, took a glance at Zhao Ling, the girl looks good, was Zhao Ling mercilessly stare back. When Linglong finished eating the white fungus soup, she pushed the empty bowl aside and picked up a two-foot-eight, crescent-shaped wolf tooth knife. "What kind of wolf tooth knife?" She shouted. "It's just a machete. It doesn't look like a wolf's tooth." She already hated Yelv Xiuge's most handy weapon, who told him to say that the hard-toothed knife was his concubine, and she was jealous. Liao king's favorite imperial concubine seduces the heart volume chapter 197 to fall out on the spot. Liu Tianlin took the Dao and couldn't put it down, saying, "It's really wonderful workmanship. Look, there is a flower table carved on the back of the Dao. It's a good Dao." "But it's a sword you can borrow. Otherwise, sister, I'll give you this sword." Linglong took the knife back from his hand and put it in front of Yelv Xiuge. "Give the concubine back to you." Brother Yelv Xiu smiled. Unexpectedly, he said something unintentionally, which made her angry. He grabbed her hand and did not avoid suspicion at all. He said with an intimate smile, "Well, I said something wrong for my husband. There is only one wife. If you don't like the wolf tooth knife, I'll give it to your cousin." With these words, he made a gesture to hand the knife to Liu Tianlin. Liu Tianlin is silly, what is he talking about, is it because Linglong is jealous, he is willing to give him the knife? How can this man be like this? He has no principles at all. Is it a fever in his brain? He was too ignorant of the way Yelv Xiuge and Linglong got along with each other. Of course, the husband knew that his wife would stop him. As his voice came and went, Linglong grabbed the knife and looked at him with displeasure. I think I'd better go to my aunt to drink tremella soup. When Liu Tianlin saw that his cousin's face was not good, he quickly smeared oil on the soles of his feet. Just after passing the courtyard of Jian Ziyue, Jian Ziyue asked him to drink tremella soup, which is just an excuse now. Hey, do you think I don't exist? Zhao Ling, who had been touched by the acupoint, cried out angrily, her face flushed. She was from the Song Dynasty. When had she ever seen Yelv Xiuge and Linglong love each other like this in front of outsiders? You just know you don't exist? Liu Tianlin stood in front of her, with his hands around his chest. His expression was exactly the same as that of Linglong just now. He said with a mocking smile,ghana seed extract, "Since you followed my cousin into the palace, the guards in the palace have already put you on top. Do you think the guards in the palace in the north courtyard are vegetarians?"? That's what Liu Tianlin trained me to do. As he spoke, he laughed triumphantly three times.