Chinese medical immortal

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"You.." . You calm down … . The dead cannot be brought back to life. I have gold there. I'll give it all to you in exchange for my life.

"You.." . You calm down … . The dead cannot be brought back to life. I have gold there. I'll give it all to you in exchange for my life. .. Ok … .. All right ?” Director Fan pointed to the open safe. Hearing this, Li Tianyou did not look at the gold: "Hum, take the money you took bribes to exchange for your life, do you think this is OK?"? What's more, I don't want your stinking money. All I want is your life. In my eyes, my father's life is priceless. "No.." . Nope .. No … . Beg …… Li Tianyou crushed Director Fan's throat with a hard force. Looking at Director Fan's desperate eyes, Li Tianyou smiled. Director Fan died, finally died, he finally avenged his father, a common people pinched a magnificent director, humble life challenges the hidden rules of society, and finally he succeeded.. Standing in the room, he was a little stupefied, revenge is over, but his thoughts are a little confused, although Director Fan is dead, but his father is also dead, can not see, if it can be exchanged, he is absolutely unwilling to exchange the life of this dog officer for his father's life. .. For a moment, he finally calmed down,Nail machine manufacturer, because his task had not been completed. He glanced around, then wiped out all the evidence he could leave behind. He ran to the window and tore the curtain open. He looked at the gold: "There is absolutely no good place to go if it falls into the hands of you dog officials. I might as well pack it away." Then he wrapped up the gold and six notes, kicked the dead Director Fan, and Li Tianyou turned off the lights in the room and walked away. .. Chapter 72, Yang Mou VS Hidden Rules Early in the morning, the sun fell on the earth, representing a new beginning. Mrs. Fan opened her eyes in a daze and touched her side. It was strange. She got up and looked at her watch. It was only seven o'clock. Her husband would not get up so early at ordinary times. Besides,wire nail machine manufacturers, today was Sunday. However, she did not suspect anything. Instead, she dressed and washed and went downstairs. At this time, the nanny has prepared breakfast, but she did not see her husband's figure, she is a little strange, although already forty or fifty years old, but her husband is not the kind of person who likes sports. She was a little strange, so she asked the nanny. The nanny also said that she hadn't seen her husband all morning. She thought about it and then went upstairs. If she couldn't find him, she must be in the study now. She walked to the door of the study carelessly and opened the door casually: "Old man, eat.." "Ah.." Before the words could be spoken, there was a shrill scream. City Public Security Bureau, early in the morning should be patted to come, with breakfast in hand, looking like that is obviously not prepared for themselves. Walking to the place of zero hour custody, iron nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, Ying Pai and his colleagues said hello and went in. Looking at Yi Yongheng, who was sleeping soundly in the cell, Ying Paipai was so angry that he shouted directly to the inside: "Get up and interrogate." Yi Yongheng reacted sensitively and jumped up in an instant. He looked at Ying Pai at the door and then fell asleep again, not caring about Ying Pai at all. Should clap stamped a foot, threw breakfast in: "You, ate a thing, roll immediately." She knew that twenty-four hours had passed, and there was no evidence that it was done by Yi Yongheng, so she could only let people go. At this time, Yi Yongheng, who was lying down, was agile and directly caught the breakfast thrown over. He saw that it was a few Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket and a cup of soybean milk. He also lost the intention of the big police superintendent. Yi Yonheng was not angry with her. He picked up the steamed stuffed bun and said, "Well, who made this steamed stuffed bun?" It tastes so bad. Say so on the mouth, but the steamed stuffed bun still eats, did not eat the steamed stuffed bun for a while, slowly inserted the straw into the soybean milk to drink, like nothing happened. This time, however, Ying Pai was obviously used to Yi Yongheng's difficulties. She did not speak, but asked the police officer on the side to open the door. She decided to change in the interrogation. () This time Yi Yongheng was very cooperative. Maybe he was a soft-mouthed eater, so he honestly said where he was yesterday. This should make him angry. This guy didn't say anything last night, but today he surprisingly said everything. It was really a ghost. "I was at Liu's house yesterday, and it was past twelve o'clock when I drove back. According to your autopsy report, I have a full alibi. If you don't believe me, you can call to confirm it." After a good sleep, Yi Yongheng was full of energy, and slowly he and Ying patted away. When Ying Paipai heard this, he really called the Liu family to confirm that he had gone. Not long after, Ying Paipai came back again. He was very unwilling to help Yi Yongheng untie the handcuffs and said, "You can get out." This word, also should clap to say only come out, change others to point to be uncertain easy forever one foot kicks past, but had not walked to the doorway, should clap to follow to come up again: "I send you to go out." Yi Yongheng naturally didn't care. The two of them then walked slowly. However, Ying Pai found that some police officers were obviously anxious today. Just as he was about to ask, the captain of the criminal police came over: "Pai, something big has happened. Hurry up and go to the provincial party committee compound with me." As he spoke, he looked at Yi Yongheng in a strange way, which made him puzzled: "What's the big deal?" "Fan, Director Fan died. He died in the provincial party committee compound. The director said he wanted me to go immediately. I'll go first. You can come later." Said the captain of the criminal police left anxiously. As soon as he heard the news, he looked at Yi Yongheng with a suspicious look on his face. But yesterday Yi Yongheng was in the Public Security Bureau. The alibi was sufficient, especially when the provincial party committee compound was so well protected. Who could get in? "Oh, you are prejudiced against me. Even if I say I did it now, I guess you don't believe it." Yi Yongheng smirked and then walked out on his own. Director Fan's death was something he had expected, and there was nothing to be surprised about. () Ying patted and stamped his feet,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and then chased him out. She wasn't going after Yi Yongheng now. He was going after the captain. Do you have any clues? He didn't kill a Bureau chief in the provincial party committee compound, and there was no movement. The police car kept ringing, and Ying patted it up and asked directly.