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Time is like water, and ten days have passed in a flash. During this period of time,

Time is like water, and ten days have passed in a flash. During this period of time, Bu Qingyun did not receive the noble experience Dan, but received the equipment experience stone in the equipment gift box, and gave the sobbing halberd to take. The weeping halberd is still a venerable vessel, and its preciousness is hard to estimate. Jeong-hung, I won't be in a hurry today. Bu Qingyun suddenly said so today. As soon as Jing Hong raised his eyebrows, he understood Bu Qingyun's style of doing things. "Boss, are you going to break through?" He exulted. "Not really." Step Qingyun Guaner a smile, his perception of Jingtao Xuanzhang has reached 100%, ready to start practicing! The cultivation condition of Jingtao Xuanzhang is to practice Jingtao Xuangong, which is useless for Buqingyun. When Jing Hong learned about it, he only nodded, and then he and Ni Yutang both showed their true bodies and protected them by Bu Qingyun's side. A steep mountain peak, in the dense forest halfway up the mountain. Bu Qingyun sat under a big tree and took out the secret of Jingtao Xuanzhang from his storage bag. After reading it over, he urged the True Qi to make the book suspend above his head, and Jinhua circulated and shrouded it. The wind and waves are calm without lines, and the surface of the water is as fresh as a mirror. Surging Waves Xuanzhang First: Overwhelming! This set of palm method is very particular about momentum, to cooperate with their own breath to display, step by step according to the path of Jingtao Xuan palm operation. At this time, Buqingyun's body was dim,ibc spill pallet, and after a walk, a meridian path through the palms and the Dantian appeared, as if illuminated by a light. Originally immersed in the black and red evil spirit below the Dantian, at this time suddenly jumped, and then unexpectedly curled up, joined in the running path of Jingtao Xuanzhang! Bu Qingyun made a light sound, and his face suddenly showed a painful expression. Jing Hong and Ni Yutang, who were guarding him,plastic pallet suppliers, raised their eyebrows when they heard this. At the same time, they turned their heads and looked at him. They all knew that Bu Qingyun had understood this set of palms 100% thoroughly, and there would be no obstacle to practicing them. But at this time, a light press represented a serious matter! Chapter 433 fusion of evil spirit. [The first two chapters are four thousand words, and the next two chapters are only three thousand words.] "Boss!" Jing Hong exclaimed, showing a worried look. Ni Yutang is not much better, "boss, are you all right?" Bu Qingyun was unaware of the situation around him at this time, only felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his whole body was numb, and there was a painful feeling of current flow. This What's going on here? ?” He asked himself in his heart! The black and red evil spirit has been completely controlled by itself, but at this time it is not controlled by itself, bringing a new impact to the meridian path of the operation of the Surging Waves. Nearly let this path break! Bu Qingyun was surprised and uncertain, and hurriedly manipulated the black and red evil spirit, and at the same time quickly ran the Jingtao Xuanzhang meridian path. At first, collapsible pallet box ,drum spill pallet, he suppressed it, but then the evil spirit immersed in the Dantian fluctuated again and fell into a situation of ebb and flow. At this time, Bu Qingyun's whole body was already dripping with sweat, his big face was ferocious, and his expression was very painful. Ah Suddenly, he looked up to the sky with a scream, and his body trembled violently. At the same time, the wind was blowing all around him, and the black and red evil spirits rushed out of his body and curled around him, making it impossible for Jing Hong and Ni Yutang to get close. The eldest brother Jing Hong had never seen Bu Qingyun practice out of the situation, at this time some at a loss. But Ni Yutang is much calmer, from time to time to comfort Jing Hong, "big man, rest assured!"! The boss will be all right, we have to believe him! Jing Hong's expression was full of worry. Nod slightly. Crash! At this time, the sound of flooding occurred in Buqingyun's body, like ten thousand horses galloping and rumbling. Jingtao Xuanzhang runs the meridian path, which is superimposed by the black and red evil spirits at this time. Bu Qingyun has the intention to control it, but there is a situation of ebb and flow, so it goes on for a long time. It will only lead to failure because of the consumption of True Qi. Impossible! I have already dominated the evil spirit. Why is there such a situation now? Bu Qingyun was puzzled, but he did not know that the evil spirit was the representative of a kind of breath. And what Jingtao Xuanzhang wants is momentum, so this evil spirit will be affected. So maintained for a long time, Bu Qingyun was frightened by this sudden situation at this time. How can I think about other things? I can't figure out why this happens for a while. After a long time, Buqingyun consciousness has begun to blur up, consume a lot, is about to lose! Jing Hong and Ni Yutang saw that Bu Qingyun was covered with a fog of blood, and they were even more worried. No way! I can't go on like this! Bu Qingyun said to himself in his heart, trying to calm himself down, the more he encounters such a sudden situation, the more he should calm down, once he loses his mind. It will only fall into a more difficult situation. The ebb and flow, this evil spirit can never be offset.. What to do ?” Bu Qingyun began to think, and suddenly an idea flashed through his mind, "It can't be offset, but what if it merges?" I have to say he had a whim. But it was precisely this sudden idea that saved him, and at the same time, it also made him bring Jingtao Xuanzhang into full play! Bu Qingyun thought of it and did it. Instead of using True Qi to offset the evil spirit, he urged True Qi to fuse the evil spirit with the meridian path of Jingtao Xuanzhang. When you start trying, the two are still mutually exclusive, but over time. And Buqingyun do not give up, and finally after repeated failures, the two together! Shaqi will move with the meridian path of Jingtao Xuanzhang! Bu Qingyun suddenly opened his eyes, shot out two rays of light, and a smile appeared on his face. The black and red evil spirit that curled around his body also returned to his body at this time. Boss, are you all right? When Jing Hong and Ni Yutang saw it, they asked in unison. Bu Qingyun smiled, "of course it's all right!" He was excited now, and the terror of the evil spirit had been seen earlier,secondary containment pallet, and once it entered the enemy's body, it could not be stopped! Once fused with Jingtao Xuanzhang, the power.. Unpredictable ! "How strong is it?" Bu Qingyun muttered to himself that he could not imagine himself.