The Lord is mighty

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But at the time of the battle between Zhou Tian and the corpse demon, he did not know how much

But at the time of the battle between Zhou Tian and the corpse demon, he did not know how much had changed outside the relic space at the time of their battle. Creak, creak. Waves of harsh sound sounded, in the case of those corpse demons who did not care, the sky is at that time a large number of cracks. Although the space was being repaired independently at that time, the situation of space fragmentation was much faster than the speed of repair. Finally, in that case, it was not long before the surrounding of the relic space was completely split at that time. With the fragmentation of space, the world consciousness, which had been unable to extend its tentacles into this space, immediately began to transform the adherents of the Upper Age in this space. When the world consciousness began to affect the present space, the corpse demon who was fighting with Zhou Tian immediately sensed the situation. At first, the corpse demon's reaction was quite excited, and it launched a series of attacks on Zhou Tian, which apparently meant to kill Zhou Tian before the transformation was completed. However, with the improvement of the transformation, the corpse demon who had fought with Zhou Tian suddenly had a little more insolent smile on his face, and the strength of Zhou Tian's attack was not as great as it was at the beginning. Is it? It turns out that the outside world has become like this! The corpse demon itself can have the wisdom, any living thing can live forever, this is how perfect the world! If I had known that the world had become so perfect, why would I hide in the mausoleum and dare not go out? After frantically saying those words, the corpse demon directly repelled Zhou Tian with one hand, and then ran toward the outside at that time. I don't know whether it was because Zhou Tian himself had reached the limit or because the strength of the corpse demon suddenly broke out. Zhou Tian, who had been able to fight with him before, was directly hit and flew out under the attack of his palm. As a result, when he landed, Zhou Tian's head tilted and he fainted directly. (To be continued.) Chapter 267 a generous reward. When Zhou Tian woke up again, he found that he was already in the outside world. Under the pull of the baby bear, Zhou Tian, who got up, could not remember what had happened after his blood was demonized. But anyway, it's great to come out alive. In any case, it was a happy event for Zhou Tian to escape from the relic space in a situation where he was already bound to die. In this way, Zhou Tian naturally did not think too much at that time. This is Back to God, when Zhou Tian was about to leave, he suddenly had a meal at that time. Because when he reacted, he found that there were several new messages in his mind. Heaven to the public, although Zhou Tian in doing those things when he has lost consciousness, but he did is what he did, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet crates, Zhou Tian in the case of accidental neutral contribution, the consciousness of the world at the moment has not obliterated his contribution, after the end of the matter, he will also give the reward to Zhou Tian. Has the relic space been admitted to the outside world? All belong to xxìng plus ten, and give me a quota to improve the power of two skills! Unexpectedly, the level has been increased by five levels! The surprise came so suddenly that when Zhou Tian accepted the information in his mind, he was directly confused at that time. Fine! Zhou Tian himself didn't know what was going on. After all, before the blood demonization, Zhou Tian only wanted to find some trouble for the corpse demon before he died, but he did not think that he would not only not lose his life, but would accidentally pull the relic space into the main plane. Moreover, even if all that was done in an accident, the reward given to Zhou Tian by the world consciousness was a great surprise to Zhou Tian at that time. Even before, he already knew that there would be a reward for such a contribution. But because of his limited ability, Zhou Tian, who had never made such a contribution, really dared not imagine that after pulling those relics into the main plane, he would get such a generous reward. Not to mention the increase of genus X xìng, although the increase of points is not much, but it is all genus X xìng increase, if put together, the increase of genus X X ìng points is already quite amazing. Not to put too fine a point on it, if we say that Zhou Tian was only able to fight with the leader in a specific environment in the past, now after the end of the increase in the number of X xìng, it is very difficult for the weaker leader to win Zhou Tian in any case. And the promotion reward of the two skills is also good, although it is not difficult to get the skills on weekdays, but no one can guarantee what effect the skills will be before they are in hand. That is to say, even if Zhou Tian gets a hundred new skills, maybe one or two of them are to his liking, and even one or two of them are not necessarily effective. And in this case, the reward of this skill enhancement is naturally quite precious. Directly take out your most important skills to strengthen, so that not only will there be no waste, but also the help of Zhou Tian will achieve the greatest effect, this reward is much better than directly giving Zhou Tian a few skills. And Zhou Tian also did not have any hesitation, after a little thought, then also at that time to choose the two skills. Attack skills, whether single or group attack Zhou Tian, are not lacking, so the limited two places, Zhou Tian is more to take into account their own needs and fall on a few auxiliary skills. The first is the healing skill, which is not only quite rare, but also very effective. Just because the healing effect of Zhou Tian's healing technique is too weak, although it has some effect on Xiaoguai,plastic bulk containers, after reaching the level of Zhou Tian, this skill will begin to become chicken ribs. But the second skill, Zhou Tian actually chose the rock armor skill which usually does not come out very much.