Butterfly Cemetery _ Cai Jun

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Butterfly Cemetery _ Cai JunButterfly Cemetery _ Cai JunButterfly Cemetery _ Cai JunButterfly Cemetery _ Cai JunButterfly Cemetery _ Cai Jun

Trembling badly, she walked quickly to the door. Just as she was about to ask, "Who are you?" The old woman floated out like a phantom. The little butterfly followed closely and rushed into the dark corridor, only to see the old woman's feet covered by black robes, unable to see the way she walked. But the old woman moved so fast that the little butterfly strode over and didn't catch up with her. Suddenly, there was a light in the corridor, and a railing bridge appeared in front of him, with a glass ceiling overhead-back to the doorway, the "overpass" hanging in the air. The old woman flew across the overpass and disappeared into the darkness opposite. Shang Xiaodie also set foot on this "air corridor", the board under her feet rattled, and she could only reach out to hold the left and right railings. There was still a corridor opposite, but there was hardly any light. She took out her flashlight and shone it inside, and after a few steps, she found a maze of branches. Maybe this is the "male dormitory"? The old woman could no longer be seen. The corridor ahead was dark and messy, and there were several big holes in the floor. I was afraid I would get lost if I went any further. The little butterfly could only retreat again, and when she walked through the "overpass", she looked down and saw that the deep doorway was like a tunnel. The light cascaded over her head through the dusty glass ceiling, as if it had traveled through time in an instant. She stepped back to the room with the wire bed. The backpack on his body made people gasp for breath, so he simply took it off and put it on the ground. She sat wearily in a backrest chair,Calacatta Nano Glass, which also looked antique. There was an ink box on the desk and a very old pen, probably a very valuable old brand. She opened the ink box and shook it, and found that the blue ink inside was not dry, and the pen could still write. Shang Xiaodie slowly opened the drawer of the desk. The first drawer was full of things that looked like they were many years ago, such as rusty iron hairpins, pins that could hardly be broken, and things that could not be named at all. In the second drawer was an old photo album with a black leather cover and a faint musty smell. Put the album on the table and open it gently. There are several black and white photos embedded in it. It begins with a portrait of a teenage girl with slightly curly light hair,Stone Honeycomb Panel, big, bright eyes and thin lips that look like a girlish version of Nicole Kidman. The next one is an outdoor scene. The girl in the photo just now is standing in front of a deep doorway, with a charming pose and a shallow smile at the corners of her mouth. The doorway in the background of the photo is the house where Xiaodie is, probably a hospital decades ago. The third photo, however, was taken on the "overpass" in the doorway. The girl and a middle-aged man leaned against the railing side by side, with sweet expressions like father and daughter. The middle-aged man had black curly hair and an Eastern European face, and the light from the glass ceiling made his eyes a little strange-he was the owner of the hospital, Kashenf. What is the relationship between him and the girl in the picture? On the second page of the album, the girl has grown into a young girl, and Xiaodie knows her name-Irina. Turning over a page, the background of the photo becomes the stage, and Elena, Grey Marble Slab ,Pietra Gray Marble, wearing a butterfly-patterned robe, dances in the center of the stage, her lips half-open as if singing, which is the still of Madame Butterfly. On the next page, the photo turned into a group photo of a man and a woman. The woman is still young and beautiful Elena, but the man is a Chinese youth, wearing a traditional gown, wearing a pair of gentle glasses, a bit of Xu Zhimo's style. This is also the last page of the album, and there are no more pictures behind it. Putting the album back in the drawer, she opened the third drawer. However, there is nothing in this drawer. She opened the fourth drawer, which was still empty. Then Shang Xiaodie opened the fifth and last drawer. A black puff of smoke gushed out, and a beautiful face appeared in front of her eyes. Then she closed her eyes and fell to the ground. June 20, 14:30 p.m. S big girls' dormitory building. Manli came back. She was also at the school theater last night, watching a stage play with Song You. Tian Qiaoer did not come, originally she should be the heroine, but was suddenly replaced, no matter who can not stand. Manli did not expect Shang Xiaodie to play so well, but finally said "Butterfly Cemetery". I don't know who tripped her, and tens of millions of insects flew out, and the theater was in a mess. Later, even the lights went out-cockroaches flew into the theatre distribution room and burned to ashes in the transformer, and the whole theatre circuit was short-circuited. Manli and Song You were so frightened that they lay under their seats and their ears were full of screams. It was not easy to restore the lights and escape with everyone. They were afraid to go back to the bedroom all night, concluding that Shang Xiaodie had attracted insects-terrible cockroaches were her tools, or performed some special witchcraft, in short, to retaliate against all the people around her. Yes, in the past, Xiaodie was not good-looking, and everyone ignored her and bullied her. Now that she has become beautiful and has all kinds of abilities, people around her are going to have bad luck. But now Shang Xiaodie has disappeared. Suddenly, someone patted her on the shoulder, and Mary almost fell down. Fortunately, some hands held her. It turned out to be her roommates, Song You and Tian Qiaoer, as well as Xiaodie's former friend, Lu Shuangshuang. Oh, it's you, but I was scared to death. I thought it was Shang Xiaodie! Where did she go? Tian Qiaoer answered coldly, "She went to the Butterfly Cemetery!" "What did you say?" In the morning, I went back to the dormitory to get some things, just in time to see Shang Xiaodie come out,Agate Stone Price, carrying a big bag on his back, as if he was traveling. I followed her quietly and saw her walk out of the school and get on a bus. She went up through the front door, and I went up through the back door with my head down and hid in the corner of the back row. "You're following Shang Xiaodie?" 。 forustone.com