Getting Married and Not Following Your Husband

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Getting Married and Not Following Your Husband — — Finishing by Xiaolongren

"Because I get hot!" Jin Lu seemed to point innocently to his new robe. Look, I'm going to buy clothes for myself, but then I think, I'll be hot, and of course you'll be hot too! So I'll buy you two thinner ones by the way! It's definitely hotter, but.. "Well, now that I've bought it all, I'll have to wear it. But I warn you first. If you want to buy clothes in the future, it's enough to buy your own. Don't buy them for me again!" "All right!" Jin Lu seemed to be very aggrieved and answered in a low voice. "If you don't buy it, don't buy it!" "It's not that I like to talk about you," says Man'er, who can't help but assume the pose of a "big sister.". You always spend money like this. Even if your family is very rich, your father has worked hard to earn it! Unless you know how to make money, you have no right to spend money recklessly. Didn't anyone tell you? "Never!" Jin Lu returned quickly and firmly. Man'er was in a daze and then frowned. "That's right. Rich people make friends who are also rich. How could they say such a thing to you?"? However She glanced sideways. "If I told you my family was poor, would you not want to be friends with me anymore?" "Why?" -? Ask her in reply? Is there any need to ask? Because the rich mostly look down on the poor! "Will you?" "Of course not!" "Then why do I have to?" Man'er choked. I.. I didn't say you would! So So I'm asking you! Jin Lu shrugged his shoulders and paced down on a chair against the wall. "I make friends because I want to make friends with people, not because I want to make friends with them. I don't give them money, and I don't give them my family background. I don't distinguish between Manchus,metal racking systems, Han Chinese, and Mongolians. As long as I'm not a fake, there's nothing to pick." Is it? He doesn't pay silver, he doesn't pay background, and. No distinction between Manchu, Han and Mongolian? "Then you.." Man Er licked his withered lips. "Think of me as a friend?" "That's natural," says Chin-lu with an innocent smile on his face. "Don't you?" Whether I am.. Manchu or Han Chinese? "As long as you are a human being." The summer of this year was as sultry and sticky as usual,heavy duty metal racking, but at the moment, her whole body was very comfortable as if there was a cool breeze blowing through her heart, and her nose was sour and astringent as if it had been blocked by something, which made her feel uncomfortable sniffing. She has a large family of "relatives" and a lot of so-called "friends", but no one really regards her as one of them. In fact, she is not a person on either side, and she can't even blame them. Only Jinlu, a stranger friend, a teenager younger than her, never asked about her private affairs, because no matter what kind of person she was, he did not mind, pallet rack shelving ,radio shuttle racking, as long as she was a person, he sincerely accepted her as his friend, so pure and Frank, taught her how not to like him, how not.. Grateful to him? "Is there anything else you want to see or do in this town?" "Is there anything interesting here?" Jin Lu sniffed and said. "There are only a few streets that are a little more lively, so I bought some clothes and came back." "Shall we go after lunch?" "Uh.." Won't you buy another pair of embroidered shoes? "Jin Lu!" "Okay, okay, don't buy it!" What an angry and funny guy! However, with him, it was really not annoying, so that she almost forgot the test she was about to face, and if she could not survive that test, his existence was a great need and comfort. You.. Are you going straight to Hangzhou? Before entering the city gate of Fuyang County, Man'er suddenly stopped his horse and asked. As soon as he turned his eyes, he noticed Man'er's nervousness and uneasiness. His two little hands were so twisted that the reins were almost torn off. But Jin Lu did not ask any more questions. He just smiled brightly and said happily, "No, I'm going to go up to Stork Mountain to see the first floor of the Spring River. I'll come back to the city at noon later to rest for the night." Man'er breathed a clear sigh of relief and offered her services with unusual eagerness. I'll take you to the inn to book a room first, and when you come back in the evening, you can go straight to rest. 」 So, in the sound of hooves, two horses ran into the city gate one after another. At this time, it was just a moment before noon, but there was no trace of the sun. The sky was overcast, and the cold wind was rolling by. It was a little sad and a little helpless, just like Man Er's heart, sour and bitter, and helpless. Winter in my hometown is still as cold as ever! "Grandpa, I'm back." 「…… What did you come back for? 「…… I I I've come to tell you that I'm already a'boy 'of Shuangdao Hall! Is it? How long has it been? 「…… For two years. "Why can't we officially join after so long?" 「……」 Because you can't find the guarantor? Because no one can protect you? Because you are.. "Grandpa!" "Oh, you go!"! Although I don't hate you, I really don't want people to know that you're back home again. You should understand that you. You are a disgrace to this family! "But, Grandpa, I.." "Off you go!" "Grandpa.." "Don't make me hate you, Man." 「…… That Then I'll go. Let's go.. Ah, Man! "Grandpa?!" "Don't come back." fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx Jinlu returned to the inn earlier than scheduled, but Maner was already waiting for him at the door of his room. Turning the corridor and passing through the small gate of the west courtyard, Jinlu saw at a glance that in the small courtyard, Maner was leaning under the cypress tree, holding herself tightly in her arms, as if it was winter now, and the weather was so cold that she could hardly stand it. The helplessness on her face added a sense of loneliness,heavy duty cantilever racks, and she looked like a lost child who could not find her home. But as soon as she saw Jin Lu, she instantly returned to her usual appearance, and even became more and more happy to the extent of exaggeration. "You've finally come back. I thought you'd changed your mind and gone straight to Hangzhou!" 。