Legend of Rebirth-1

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He has already discussed with Li Zetao and others, and refused to enter directly if he is not good at psychological quality and can't afford to lose.

Another box and a half of things cost tens of times as much as toothpaste materials, including several of the cheapest common hand oils and some expensive imported cosmetics. Lin Ziwen did not arrange the same job for Guo Degang and Yang Lin. He not only wanted to build a toothpaste factory, but also a beauty center. Toothpaste factories will expand into the field of daily necessities in the future, and volume reduction centers will either engage in chain stores or develop cosmetics and skin care products in the future. In short, according to Lin Ziwen's words, we should try our best to smear the things produced on the barren mountains of mountain cities on the faces of people all over the world. With more and more understanding of the cosmetics and beauty industry, Yang Lin puts less and less on his face after getting up every morning. One day, after she learned that the lipstick she used almost every day contained industrial lard, Yang Lin never wore any brand of lipstick again. At the beginning of spring in Beijing, when the wind was strong and the air was dry for more than a month, she simply put a little beeswax on her lips and some ginseng vanishing cream on her face. Remembering Yang Lin with a plain face today, Lin Ziwen couldn't help laughing to herself. In this age of heavy makeup, the most fashionable women use eye shadow to draw two eye circles, take eyelash clips to clip their eyelashes as much as possible, and then use powder and other things to whiten their faces, draw a big red mouth, Xu Hongxia, who is full of fat and powder, despises Lin Ziwen, who is not satisfied with her smell, and thinks that Lin Ziwen's little fart doesn't know anything. Although Yang Lin did not make up heavily before, she had to put on at least three or five kinds of things on her face. She went out this time and learned that cosmetics were the things that made people ugly faster and faster. She immediately said goodbye to things like powder and lipstick. After studying the production process and raw materials of most cosmetics, Yang Lin concluded that lipstick is a lead rod with gorgeous appearance,automated warehouse systems, eye shadow and foundation are colorful lead powder, which not only contains lead, but also mercury, which can cause more fatal harm to people. The effects of freckle removal, skin rejuvenation, beauty and whitening are almost all nonsense. Chemical products are always the enemy of health. When people get sick, they have to take medicine. This is a helpless move, but using cosmetics indiscriminately is no different from taking medicine without illness and taking the wrong medicine. Yang Lin, who has gained a lot of experience, is full of praise for the ecological beauty methods mentioned by his younger cousin. Every time he sees a cosmetic manual that mentions non-chemical raw materials, he takes notes carefully, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, and then goes to the bookstore to check the functions and effects of these things. Guo Degang was also surprised to find that toothpaste and cosmetics are actually interlinked in many places, and the flavors used in several toothpastes can also be seen in the instructions of some cosmetics. After reading these two boxes of things, Lin Ziwen found out several thick notes that Yang Lin and Guo Degang had taken these days and sat in a chair to browse them. Guo Degang and Yang Lin put the research of toothpaste and cosmetics together. Each of them took a note with different emphasis. Guo Degang focused on packaging, publicity and marketing, while Yang Lin focused on technology, formula and efficacy. At the end of their notes, there are dense telephone numbers recorded from back to front, such as equipment factories, advertising companies, department stores, similar enterprises and so on. There is also a detailed list of poaching in Yang Lin's notebook. Let's go home. Everyone's hobbies and personalities are written on it. This is simply comparable to the headhunting companies in the 21st century. Let Lin Ziwen admire big cousin's meticulousness very much. Digging the corner of peers is the biggest benefit for Lin Zhiwen. After many industries are mature and orderly, it is extremely difficult to set up a new company from scratch. A new capital talks back to intervene in a mature market area, in addition to mergers and acquisitions, is poaching. My aunt's family runs a small processing factory. Yang Lin knows very well that advanced technology is important for a production enterprise, so he agrees with Lin Ziwen's poaching plan. It's too long to rely entirely on his own research and development from scratch. Lin Ziwen can't afford to wait, and there's no need to wait. He can solve all the problems by poaching a few technicians with high salaries from large state-owned enterprises. Lin Ziwen does not intend to move the patented things, those who do not have patents, adjust and improve, do not immediately become their own? The choice of these two projects was made after careful consideration by Lin Ziwen. Although the business of the game center is rolling in money, it will soon be recognized as illegal by the state. On the day when the gambling machines are withdrawn from the game center, the current profiteering game center will immediately be downgraded to the same level as the profits of billiards halls and video halls. Once in a while, Lin Ziwen feels that what he has done is not excessive. This line will certainly be earned by someone. If you don't do it yourself and others will do it, it's better to take advantage of yourself than to put the considerable benefits into other people's pockets. Although Lin Ziwen made more than ten game centers in the mountain city all of a sudden, he has begun to have the scale of gambling chain organizations, but he has not exhausted his pool and fished. He has already discussed with Li Zetao and others, and refused to enter directly if he is not good at psychological quality and can't afford to lose. He doesn't want his game center business to be tainted by intent or homicide. There are many more profitable businesses in the mountain city, such as opening coal mines, selling logs and building quarries. The profits of these unemployed people will double year by year. Lin Ziwen also has enough funds and human resources to do it, but he doesn't want to do these industries that only have money and no future. Lin Ziwen, who has a previous life experience, takes a longer view and can make money everywhere. Taking money out of other people's pockets and putting it into his own pockets is more like a children's game for him. It's not challenging or meaningful. Creating value is what he wants now. Do profiteering unemployment if you want to do it! Pick a big profit to do, pick sustainable development to do, pick can make characteristics to do, but also pick legal to do! As soon as there is an appropriate profit, capital becomes bold. If it has a profit of 10%, it is guaranteed to be used everywhere; if it has a profit of 20%, it becomes active; if it has 50% profit, it takes risks in desperation; for the sake of 100% profit,shuttle rack system, it dares to trample on all human laws; With a profit of 300%, it dares to commit any crime, even at the risk of hanging. 。 kingmoreracking.com