The Best Guide to Unlocking Gym Rat in NBA 2K23

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The Best Guide to Unlocking Gym Rat in NBA 2K23

As the Gym Rat Badge can add four stat points to the player's build speed, acceleration, strength, vertical and stamina, and permanently adds an extra section to the player's stamina meter. Therefore, many players are eager to collect it in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER. In fact, players can also buy NBA 2K23 MT from for an even bigger advantage.

In NBA 2K23, Gym Rat Badge is one of the most important ways for players to differentiate their game from other online games in MyCAREER. But in the current and next-gen NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, players earn the Gym Rat Badge a little differently.

In Current Gen, players complete the "Addicted to Sweat" quest provided by the Timmy NPC located at the Gatorade facility. However, players must first complete a series of quests required to earn the Mamba Mentality badge in order to gain the ability to talk to Timmy. To get the Gym Rat Badge, players need to Buy NBA 2K MT complete 50 Gatorade workouts while accepting the quest.

As MirHavinYT pointed out, it also appears that Current Gen players can spam the Gatorade Reaction Training from behind the facility to complete the challenge as fast as two hours as it has no cooldown. Additionally, winning the NBA Championship is another way for players to earn the Gym Rat Badge.

For Next Gen users, Gym Rat missions are almost immediately available again. Players will receive a bunch of introductory quests after completing NBA Summer League games, including Gym Rat quests. Players will need to speak to the gym representative NPC standing outside the Gatorade facility to start the quest. Players complete the Gym Rat quest once they have completed 25 3-star or higher workouts.

Since each gym workout can only be done once a week, it will take players at least five weeks to unlock the badge. If players want to make the process even easier, they can go even further by purchasing 2K23 MT from Speed ​​of delivery is one of's key advantages compared to other third-party gaming service providers on the market. Their professional team can ensure that you receive your purchase as soon as possible after payment.

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