Vega 100 mg Solve Erectile Dysfunction In Male with This Method

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Vega 100 mg tablet is taken with a full stomach, or in conjunction with meals. It must be taken as per your physician's instructions. It can take up to one hour prior to deciding to get sex.

It does this by enhancing circulation of blood to penis. This assists men in getting or keep an erection. It is part of a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5).

Vega 100 mg tablet is taken with a full stomach, or in conjunction with meals. It must be taken as per your physician's instructions. It can take up to one hour prior to deciding to get sex. 

The length of time required to achieve this depends on the individual depending on the individual, however it generally is between 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

Use of Vega 100 mg Tablet

This medication will only assist you in getting an erection when you are sexually stimulated. 

But, it is not recommended to take this medication if you are not suffering from an erectile dysfunction. It is not recommended to take it more than a few times per day.

Vega 100 mg ( Tablet is prescription medicine that is used to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction (impotence) in males. 

The most frequently reported adverse effects of this medication are flushing (warm sensation) headache, dizziness, headache fuzzy vision stomach discomfort, and a skin rashes. 

Consult your physician when any of the adverse effects are bothering you or persist.

Benefits of Vega 100mg Tablet

For treatments for erectile dysfunction the vega 100mg tablet is part of a class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. It acts by relaxing the blood vessels of the penis. 

The penis is able to receive blood and trigger an erection if sexually stimulated. The medicine can only help you to get an erection.

Only if you're sexually stimulated. It's extremely effective, however it should be used at least 30 mins prior to sexual action.

Don't take this medication in conjunction with other drugs known as Nitrates (commonly prescribed for the chest).

Side Effects of The Vega 100 Tablet

The majority of side effects do not require medical attention and will go away when your body adapts to the medicine. Contact your physician if any of them persist or you are concerned.

Common Vega Side Effects

The sensation of redness (sense that there is warmth on the ears, face the neck and trunk)



Nose bleeds

Blurry view


Muscle tension

Stomach upset

Skin irritation

How to Use the Vega Tablet?

Make use of this medication according to the dosage and time prescribed by your physician. Inhale it completely. Don't crush, chew or break it. 

The Aurogra 100mg ( Tablet is consumed with or without food, but it is best to take it at predetermined time intervals.

What is the Vega tablet functions

Vega 100mg tablets is an PDE-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. It works by relaxing penis' blood vessels and thereby increasing.

The flow of blood to the penis when you are sexually stimulated. This helps you to get and maintain a firm, erect penis for sexual stimulation.

Safety tips


It is not recommended to drink alcohol when using Vega 100mg tablet.


There isn't any information on the usage of Vega 100 mg tablet while pregnant. Consult your doctor.


Breastfeeding No information is available regarding breastfeeding and the usage of Vega 100mg Tablet when nursing. Consult your doctor.


The Vega 100 mg tablet could decrease alertness, alter your vision, or cause you to become tired and dizzy. Don't drive if any of these symptoms are present.


The Vega 100 mg tablet safe for use by those suffering from kidney disease. Dose adjustments of Vega tablets isn't advised.

But, inform your physician whether you suffer from kidney disease. A dose reduction could be considered if the patient is not tolerated.


Vega 100mg tablet is to be used with caution when it comes to those suffering from severe liver disease. It could be necessary to alter the dosage for the Vega tablet. Consult your doctor.

There isn't much information available regarding the use of Vega 100 mg tablets for patients suffering from liver disease that is severe.